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Glock 19 generation 5: 6 month EDC review

So I have carried and practiced with the Glock 19 generation 5 for over six months now. I am by no means a Glock fanboy, however I do have nothing but great things to say about this firearm for in the waistband every day carry

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My bro got a gen 3 19 and I got my first Glock a gen 5 19 and the trigger is definitely better then the gen 3. I also don't see me ever upgrading the trigger as it is great already. Thanks for the review, I subscribed my friend.

God bless you DRDrake63! I'm considering this as an EDC when I leave the Peoples' Republik of Kommiefornia (while still legal here) for the Lone Star Republic of Texas (joining the TSRA in the 1st month there). I already have an Arizona CCW (they give these to non-residents) and while it is useless here, I wanted to cover my bases anyways for the future. NRA Life Member as well brother!

I already have a Springfield 1911 5", Springfield XD45 4", Remington 870 built up with a Magpul fore-end & stock with an added Mesa Tactical shell saddle as well as a sling folder with 15 shell holder, and a Mossberg 500 Tactical with the tactical bits from the factory. I have firepower with my 12 gauge behemoths for home defense and am basically a walking target on the streets because CA has more anti-2A lawyers than it has sense. I really am not looking to get into situations but nobody has control over that, let alone the foresight. With the slew of laws coming because the CA GOP RINOs sold us to communists (both are spineless bastards), I gotta figure out which firearm I get as an EDC to ensure I stock up on rounds in said caliber because my state wants to further tax ammo, add peoples' names to registry lists (lord knows why), and use those funds for more anti-2A Senate bills. I only have 45ACP and 12 gauge. The NRA and the CRPA are constantly in legal battles but I believe President Trump needs to march these treasonous scumbags into Guantanamo Bay and Court Marshall ANYONE who disobeys the order!

Thanks for the video and your unbiased opinion. I share a similar viewpoint in that I like to keep things simple and a firearm is for self-defense, first and foremost. Like you, I chose a Glock 19. Functional, reliable, and simple.

Where did you get a mag that has half Moon bump on it? Mine does not have that. Mine does have the beveled lowrer.

That cut out hurts my pinky

Just went to the gen 5 19 mos nicely upgraded . I wanted to try the rmr and I’m impressed with results. It didn’t change the carry profile

Cheesy sound effects BUT solid video. Also funny story, as I am moving away from my P07 and Arex and looking at getting the new Gen 5 19 to replace them. Thanks for the video.

I agree with your philosophy of the G19 as a tool. There are too many guys today that want to play dress up with their guns so they can post pictures on social media and get affirmation from others about how great of a choice they made. Self defense guns are just for that – self defense. If dudes want a project gun with fancy slide cuts and crazy cerakote jobs, then to each their own, but I wouldn't do it with my carry gun.

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