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Fillet Knife: Cleaning fish/knife review

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Capt Dave Sipler’s – Havalon “Baracuta” Fillet Knife Review

Capt Dave Sipler uses the Havalon knife for the first time on inshore saltwater species.
Capt Dave found that after a year or so, that the cost from Havalon to ship 20 blades was something like $15. shipping. For a thin 4″ box. That’s ridiculous!!!!!! I called and even complained. That meant 20 replacement blades would end up costing $65 or more! For me, that didn’t make any sense. But the knife is a good one. It works great.
So, as you will see. Capt Dave went and bought a Worksharp belt sharpener for $60 on Amazon. And now uses it to sharpen his regular fillet knives.
So you can weigh the cost yourself.
See the rest of my video’s for a show& tell about the worksharp belt knife sharpener.
It’s Awesome!

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I bought it, tried it and threw it in the TRASH! These
knives are CHEAPLY made Pakistan JUNK. Dangerous because blades break easily.
Holds edge for 5 minutes! These knives are JUNK! They are CHEAP, overpriced
Pakistani JUNK. Cheap, bad handles, blades break and don't hold the edge! I

I live in Maine and I don't see very many birds like the one in the back ground. But I never thought they would get so close like seagulls do. My dad was eating a sandwich at the beach and a seagull grabbed it out of his hands and took off with it.

I finally jumped on the havalon bandwagon. Those knives are super sharp. I haven't used mine for filleting yet, but hopefully soon. its almost crappie season here!

good vid love the pelican feeding lol what are you using to hold the fillet to cut the ribs did u make that ? or can you buy it somewhere thanks

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