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Fallkniven A1 Knife Review

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HELP !    After much review I spent 200$ and got a Fallkniven A1 in silver. I am concerned if it is a fake or the real deal. The box has the hologram, barcode, and brown box BUT my big concern is that the lamination lines on both sides are not even. At the tip of the knife the lamination lines do not meet at the same point one curves back at a different angle vs the other, also they have some imperfection not very straight. I want you to look at your A1's and let me know if your knife exhibit the same build quality.

Hey mang, when your baton-ing you should strike the back of your knife directly above what ever your trying to split instead of towards the tip and then move out to towards the tip when the crack has started way better on the blade (maybe your not though, kinda hard to see in the angle of the vid) anyways cheers bro

Thanks, man. I definitely see your points and since filming this video I have gained a greater appreciation for the sheath. It's simple and lightweight and gets the job done. Your perspective on the cold weather aspects of the sheath are especially interesting since it almost never freezes where I live. Thanks for watching and leaving the thoughtful comment.

the sheath was designed with cold climate in mind. water/sap etc will freeze and lock the knife into a close fitting sheath like those made from kydex, you may also scratch your blade up with trapped grit/sand. I have experienced this blade freeze lock while on a training exercise in Norway, our Norwegian instructors pointing out the problem with all close fitting sheaths regardless of the material. For those that want to stop blade rattle go Google it. Thanks for the video good clear no hype.

Thanks Paulie. Yes I agree that the laminating helps with the overall durability of the knife. I have been very happy with how it has held up.

Don't forget it is a lamented blade, 420 J (outer slabs) married to a VG-10 center, the marrige makes the blade a lot stronger as a stress factor, the VG-10 pocket knives are not as good (because its solid) for a lot of stress, it is brittle, but holds an excellent edge retention.

You must understand that a survival knife is not the knife you would take if you knew where will you end up and what will you do. Its the knife that you canl have on your person/car/boat/backapack in case something happens. If you knew you were going on a overnight camp in a forest with lots of sheltercraft and firemaking, would you choose the a1 over 9 1/2 inch bladed trail master bowie? No. But would you want to carry that full pound of steel on your LBE all the time just in case? Doubt that.

Being in a jungle, I would opt for a machete. You cant survive if you can not move. For use on a desert island a1 would be suitable because its stainless, however there are other knives that are way more rust resistant, though they may be not as good working knives, if your blade rusts on you on an island where there is no wd-40 you are pretty much fucked. Its excellent for winter, mountain and forest use and its edge holding, compactness and versatility make it a hall of famer.

Thanks man, and yeah – I was still in school at the time and had no money… it's better than no watch I guess.

Thank you! This knife is pretty sweet and if I were stranded alone I think I could do a hell of a lot worse. I'd definitely call it a top choice for survival.

Really informative review, excellent. If you were all alone in a jungle or a deserted Island, would this be the knife off choice?

My pleasure man, thanks for watching. Excellent point on the sheath, thank you. Living in SW Florida I don't run into those kinds of issues so I don't think about them as much as I should.

Thanks for a nice review.
Regarding the sheet you have to remember the climate it was designed for. Winter use in Sweden does see -30 c and the zytel works in those temperatures, kydex does not

Yes this is a superior knife. I actually reviewed the SRK as well and I do draw some comparisons to the A1 in my review. I also touch on it in my written reviews of both knives which may be of interest to you as well. Thank you for watching.

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