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perkin knife damascus steel knife review from amazon

reviewing a $69 Damascus steel hunting knife bought off amazon.
this was a purchased knife and I am not receiving anything by doing this review.

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I have a Sheffield made "Damascus" hunting knife by Charlton, Ltd.  that I have used in the for camping and hunting trips for over 35 years now. It's flat ground and about a 4.5 inch drop point. It has only been sharpened about 5 times in all those years. I have it professionally sharpened about once every 5-7 years, lol. You are going to enjoy that one. The patinas they get over time makes them look even better. I also have a couple of other pattern welded knives that I just love. None of them really replaces my Bick knives though! Nice Case XX you have there too by the way.

Nice review.
Which brand is it?
I am looking for a folding knife with Damascus/ Wootz type steel and a beer and wine bottle opener.
Is it easy to sharpen Damascus steel? I got 2-face stone I use for my Ka-Bar

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