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M. May Custom Traditional Knife (Sheffield, England) The Price Is Insane !!!

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28 replies on “M. May Custom Traditional Knife (Sheffield, England) The Price Is Insane !!!”

He's got a terrible reputation amongst the UK collectors community. The aesthetics are great, but he's sold some really poorly made knives. One even came with a pube wedged in between the spring and liner.

Lambsfoot blade is narrower at the tip than the base.

Sheeps foot blade is the same width throughout the length of the blade.

Rams foot blade is wider at the tip than the base.

Credit to Paul Sellers for the rag in a can oiler idea. What I do is use 2 cans where one nests inside the other. You need to roll a rag up and jam it into the smaller can with a tuft of rag poking out. Saturate with oil of choice and use the bigger can as a shroud when not in use. Great for fast, easy application of light oil coat for protection on whatever.

Hey Jeff, I'm an up-and-coming bladesmith and would like to make you a one of a kind knife. As of right now, I specialize in fixed blades, so (of course) I would like to make one for you. I'm a fan of your work and what you do. So if you could get back to me with some details of what you would like, I'd like to make it happen.

I love how Jeff always overexplains the simplest things. He could literally do a ten minute video on the proper way to use a fork.

Another great video and knife. Many thanks. Will definitely be checking out that maker for sure. Brilliant knife in my opinion.

Hey Jeff, I live in NJ and there is a lot of deer here that unfortunately tend to get hit. Most of the time people just drive away without dealing with the deer and leave them to suffer. I hit one recently and didn't have a good way to kill it. I was wondering if you have any advice for hunting knives I could keep in the truck to kill a deer. From the research I have done a 5-inch knife should be good for finishing an injured dear and I would like any recommendations you have. No real budget but don't want to spend more than I have to. Thanks

I have two GEC Beer Scouts and a #15 Crown Lifter – it's a great pattern. I'm curious about the naming here, is the "Beer Scout" name something that's just used across the industry or did GEC lift the name from Michael May or vice versa? Either way, very good daily carry, has just what you need.

I do the fire alarm maintenance for Harry Brearley House in Sheffield. I didn’t put much thought into who that was until this video popped up and mentioned him!

That's great this guy started his own knife company love hearing about this loves what he is doing and getting paid for it. 👍

Im Scottish and have a small collection of older Sheffield knives mostly Richards which were produced in number but have a Walker and Hall which is probably one of not so many and of better quality the one thing you can be sure of with your May knife is it would have been Hand made with Older traditional tools so the fit and finish isn't ever going to be as good as a CNC produced knife,a coat of edci would probably be a good idea

I live in Sheffield. I keep meaning to get one of Michael's. It's "little mester" because here they say "mester" instead of "mister" and "master" in the North of England. I'd love to work with him! Nice to see something we can actually
legally own in the UK on your channel!

It's disappointing that at this price point for a custom knife that they skimped on the steel quality. I can understand that in Europe it can be difficult to obtain higher quality steels, but for $160+ I would want to see at least S30V or a higher end blade for this caliber of knife. Seems like an oversight on their end. Fit and finish is pretty nice, but GEC does a lot better work for a lower price.

There are three types of "foot" blades, the Ram, the Lamb and the Sheep. A Ram is wider toward the tip than at the heel, a Lamb is narrower toward the tip than at the heel and a Sheep spine runs parallel to the edge.

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