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Kabar USMC Fighting Utility Knife Review | OsoGrandeKnives

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Kabar 1217 USMC Fighting/Utility Knife, PlainEdge, Leather Sheath. The most famous fixed blade knife in the World – “the KA-BAR” – was designed to serve our troops during World War II and is still doing its job, with honors, nearly 70 years later.
Features Ka-Bar’s famous oval shaped leather handles. The blade is made of high-carbon 1095 tool steel coated with a black epoxy powder, with carbon steel guard and powder metal butt caps. The original and the 3/4 version are available only with the long time standard leather sheath known to three generations of Marines. A very modern Kydex® hard service sheath is available separately.


Category End Use: Military/Outdoor/Survival
Blade Steel: 1095
Rc Hardness: 56-58
Blade Style: Clip Point
Blade Finish: Black Epoxy Coated
Handle Material: Contoured Stacked Leather Washers
Sheath Material: Brown Leather
Blade Length: 7″
Overall Length: 11 7/8″
Blade Thickness: 5/32″
Weight – Knife: 10.5 oz.
Weight – Sheath: 4.5 oz.
Made in: U.S.A.
Note, this item is also available exclusively for government NSN orders. Includes fabric MOLLE attachment and leather sheath. Please call Oso Grande customer service and reference NSN: 1095-01-581-9100 KNIFE-COMBAT (KA-BAR #1217G)

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17 replies on “Kabar USMC Fighting Utility Knife Review | OsoGrandeKnives”

Easy to shrapen, quick to dull. Keep em oiled as they will rust. Love the handle, but I'd pick a Randall Model One any day over it. Yeah, they cost, but my ass is worth that little old bit…

The blunt top 'edge' is quite deliberate and, if you're using it in 'combat' or self defence, the top edge, if sharpened, catches between rib bones and other sets of bones which means the knife can get stuck in your opponent. Top blunt edge is meant as a rib 'spreader' to make the knife go in and out faster in a frontal attack. Cheers, BH

Just bought one for my collection. Your review sums it up really well. Except for the razor sharp out of the box. Sharp yes. Buts it's a rough grind. Wouldn't take long on the stone to make it razor sharp. Good review.

Hi, sincere question is High Carbon the same as CroVan or are just tge newer Ka-Bar's are being made in 1995 CroVan and when if did Ka-Bar switch from High Carbon to 1095 CroVan Thank You in advance.

I have a knife its USMC just like that but it doesn't say Ka Bar and its 420a stainless steel idk what that means but I broke the tip of it so I got a grinder and grinded it down to a more curved top knife like a machete or Bowie knife and I'm going to maybe sharpen the top side some but its gonna be one bad knife but idk if I should recoat it or just leave all the scratches or just remove it all and maybe patina it

that is not the knife we are issued, it is one you can buy but not issued, it does not have the bayonet adapter for the m16 cause all issued ones have that. i have one but i bought it on base 

My neighbor served in Nam and he gave me his knife from 1967 it was his very own knife he gave it to me not his son or his grand kids but me. the highest honor there is! 

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