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Gerber Hinderer Rescue Knife Unboxing & Mini Review

Gerber Hinderer Rescue Knife on Amazon:

Looking at a very good, purpose built knife.
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Hi, I don't know much about knives, what is an option that has all of these great features but also has a sharp point?~

I was confused about you saying it had early lockup until I saw that it came from the right. I think maybe a small liner lock would have made the seatbelt cutter better, but that's just me. Awesome video!

I agree, having the seatbelt cutter fold in like that wood be nice! I had a tac- force of all things and I would always have it catch on my jeans taking it out.

Thanks for elaborate review! Have to watch a few others as well as I need to make sure this Gerber is worth choosing over Spyderco Rescue! The thin liners you demonstrated on this one kind of put me off, as well as one customer feedback at Gerber's own website where he claims that after an accidental drop the locking mechanism became inoperable. Another setback is the blister pack it comes in. However if the quality is the same as the famous Covert Folder that my friends have been using and abusing for over a decade – then it should be OK + no need to splash out on Spyderco!

Great review as usual. I told you that I would check out this review. Haha. I am not someone who works in that "industry" but I still think that this would be a great knife to have in a car kit or just throw in the glove box. I am not a fan of the "swiss army knife" type of rescue knives but I really like this one! This will be a definite buy for me! Thanks so much for the video!

Hey DocP1B can you do a review for kolourco and blade city also can you give me some recommendations for some good websites to buy cs go knives from please

Hey im knew to your channel and i was wondering if youve done a Blade City or Kolourco knife review and if not if you could do one, their knives loom cool but I live in the UK so it would be expensive because of shipping etc. Thanks

Can i have a knife please? …not that solid knife the one who opens and closes.. Put Am from Egypt can we see if things will go on or no? Thx in advance

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