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Casstrom Woodsman K720. Roger Harrington designed Knife review.

A review and first use of my Casstrom Woodsman K720.

Although Casstrom are a Swedish company this particular knife is a collaboration and designed by English custom knife maker Roger Harrington from Bison Bushcraft who is an accomplished outdoors man.
Full-tang knife with a blade measuring approx. 88mm.
Curly Birch scales with black micarta liners and fantastic blade etching.
Blade is 4mm thick, K720 (02) oil hardened, high carbon tool steel to make the blade extremely durable for heavy use such as “batoning”
The knife has a Scandinavian grind

Total Length: 205 mm
Blade Length: 88 mm
Blade Width: 27 mm
Blade Thicknes: 4 mm
Weight: 156g
Knife comes supplied with a leather cord for the handle and a strong deep pocket leather sheath.

Musical credits to. YouTube licence free music.

16 replies on “Casstrom Woodsman K720. Roger Harrington designed Knife review.”

This is a bad ass vidieo mate. I have rhe tbs Bore. But me thinks this jem is next. Now if you would please. Could you be ever so kind and tell me where I be findinding a lid lije that for me cup?

That knife looks good to me. That curly birch is gorgeous, too. I might have to take a closer look as Casström. I'd never heard about them before a couple of months ago, but I like what I see so far.

I've just subbed, by the way.

I dont really see the use of this knife. The angle of the edge is to steep. Not biting the wood so good. The blade is a little short for a bushcraft knife. It looks very nice and detail work is excellent. The Lars Fält i understand better or the no 10 forest. A smaller knife like this should have a thinner blade or less steep angle of the edge

just gone out and got 1 from manchester air guns, happy bunny it's lovely, good review that did it for me happy days 😎

Nice review mate, can i ask if a longer blade like in the lars falt is even necessary? The woodsman looks about right for all but heavy battoning work. I'm trying to decide between the two.

Hi Adventure Outside, thx for the nice vid! Casstrom is Swedish and the Woodsman is a English design, but they are NOT made in Sweden…they are made in Albacete in Spain by Joker Knives who makes wonderfull knives and high end quality! I own the forest knife no 10 in sandvik steel with the scandi grind, great knife and great steel, but I had to put a secondary bevel on the knife because it chipped and rolled with the to shallow scandi grind…now it's scary razor sharp. Kind regards from the Belgian Ardennes, Yves.

Hey. I just stumbled upon your video while looking info about this knife. Have to say that you make some good quality videos. Youre so natural in front of camera. Great job. Id love to get this knife when i get to working again.

An Awesome knife! I love the curly birch handle , I have a Enzo trapper 115 with that birch . Very nice review thanks. Greetings Martin.

Nice review – thanks a lot! Your comment about a bit more information with the knife (about the history of the company) has been taken on board. Thanks for the feedback. 👍

Well done review! Got this knife my self. Also got the Lars Fält knife from Casström. I have several knives that I like , but these two are special. Simple and clean design, good balance, fits nicely in my hand, good steel – easy to sharpen, looks very nice, and comes with great leather sheaths, so what's not to like!? If you like the Woodsman you might also like the Enzo Trapper!

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