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Boker Plus Kwaiken Mini Copper Going Gear Exclusive Edition Knife Review Extravaganza

The Boker Plus Kwaiken Mini is a pretty nice sharp EDC knife, but when paired with raw copper scales in the Going Gear exclusive edition, it becomes a pretty nice looking blade. The raw copper will take on a patina over time, and look like an old roll of used pennies. This review discusses construction, deployment, features, measures stuff, and compares it to other knives like the Lion Steel SR-11A, the HEAdesigns Poison, and the Y-Start 5010. Get this knife at Going Gear exclusively, and use the Advanced Knife Bro coupon code “AKB” for a discount.

Going Gear Exclusive Boker 01BO276 Kwaiken Mini Copper Folding Knife (3 Inch Blade)

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I like this knife a lot for aesthetics, but the one I have (with micarta/copper) doesn't always deploy because the flipper tab is rounded away from where you would apply pressure. If the were to hit it with a 180 degree flip it would be hooked towards the finger and give more purchase for flipping.

If you read all of this you need to get a job hippie.

I have a mini Ti and the thing is so dense, then i changed the scales to twill, a bit of weight saving
the copper scales and 5.00 ounces is just too much weight.
Thanks for the review!

The "Leave BM alone!" comment was a bit goofy, since every online knife community I've been in commonly complains about poor blade centering whenever it happens. Very few knives outside of the $200+ range ship dead center with any constancy, which is why self adjustment for centering is so commonly discussed.

I only mention it because it came off kind of wounded fanboyish, rather than the comedic, deadpan, super chill thing that makes you so appealing, otherwise.

I also heard the faintest rustle of your jimmies when you spoke about subscribers attempting to invalidate your against-the-grain stance on tiny flippers that suck to use. Those are very vogue, right now. Nick even coined the term "pocket pecker" for long flippers because he thinks they risk chewing up your pocket lining or other things in your pocket over time, in case you really don't know why anybody would say that.

Don't be salty, man. You kick ass because you laugh off all the whining and actively break all the knife review rules.

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That is a good looking knife. Thanks for the video, and Thanks also to

I like this idea of copper creeping into the knife industry more. Much like it is, in more flashlights recently.

If Nick Shabazz told me that my flipper was too long, I'd take that as a compliment!

I'm now going to take another look at your Southern Grind Copper Spider Monkey video again.
Damn you!

Water bottle slash cut!!! If you're going to be a real YouTube knife guy then you have to pretend to be a water bottle ninja.

The Cutting Edge does indeed happen to be my favorite movie… 80's movie about ice-skating, how could it not be!? That had me laughing pretty hard. Also appreciate learning about why all my knives turn green so quickly, and why i'm sick a lot! Thanks Knife Bro.

Another awesome video. My vape mech mods are copper for the purpose of better electrical conductivity but the copper makes my hands green. Clear coating it stops the tarnishing but it chips away over time. I don't understand using copper for knife scales. It's soft, it will tarnish fast and makes my D*&K green😜. IMO, CF or Titanium or almost anything else would be better.

The Kwaiken is one of 2 Boker made knives I'm still interested in after a few ugly ones I used to have. That and the Exskelibur. Awesome review as always, I can see it got wet a little.

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