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SOG Trident Tanto Folding Knife Review

This is my video review of the SOG Trident Tanto folding knife. I carry this blade almost daily since it’s so lightweight and usefull. It looks like something Rambo might carry as a backup blade, but it’s also very well thought out. Thanks for watching and please subscribe for more reviews like this!

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I found my Trident Tanto while riding my bike in a rainstorm. It quickly became my favorite knife of all time. A female friend of mine also loved the knife and I ended up buying one for her so she'd have protection when traveling since she doesn't drive and has to rely on public transportation. The knife is easy to learn to open quickly single-handed. Unfortunately I lost my knife along with everything i own last year in a fire but my finances are finally getting back under control so on my list was to replace my knife. I went shopping for a replacement for a few months but nothing is the same as this knife. Luckily Amazon had one "used" but like new as the box is damaged, but otherwise in great condition for $44 so i snagged it. These knives hold up well to abuse. I lived off grid for 4.5 years and this knife was indispensable and I miss having it on me.

I have that same exact knife. Exept the blade isnt tanto style…it seemed like a crap knife but i guess i thought wrong

I've got a SOG powerassist multitool and the blades keep coming loose, if you tighten it they don't open,,,, will this not happen to this?

The manager I work at has this exact knife he's had it for 5 years and it's bad ass he loves to come out to the shop and throw his knife at the wall lol and recently the tip broke but I re grind it it's good now haha

I removed the safety . There was no way to keep it from going in to safe mode . Nice knife but the safety mechanism SUCKS and will get you killed if one needs to get the knife into action in a hurry .
Thanks for your video .

I noticed (I only have 3 smith & wesson knives) they are impossible to sharpen and keep sharp, I think they use some kind of inferior steel, my cold steel, sog, benchmade and kershaw knives all stay hair splitting sharp but not matter what sharpening system I use on the s&w's they won't keep an edge 🙁

I'd say stay away from the Smith & Wesson knives. They make great guns, and not so great knives unfortunately from what I've seen. I'd go with the Sog. I use this one a lot.

I have a question for you photo314159. I am getting a folding knife for camping and hiking and i am deciding between the SOG trident(which is my personal favorite as i have the SOG seal pup and it is my favorite knife)and two smith and wesson m&p spring assist knifes and i need your opinion on which would you choose.

There's a lot of great knives for under $100. My thoughts on a "seatbelt cutter" is that any sharp knife will do it. I don't know of many folding knives with glass breakers though. I like this knife, or a Spyderco Manix 2, or a Benchmade Griptilian or for a tad more a Benchmade Mini Onslaught. You can't go wrong with the SOG though, or in this price point a Spyderco Tenacious. Good luck!

i have a question and i hope you could help me out with a answer. im looking for a folding knive with a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter, what knive do you recommend under 100 bucks. im looking to buy the one you are showing but wonder if their are other better ones for under 100

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