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Ontario Rat II Knife Review. The best budget blade ever or a global conspiracy?

One of the most popular every day carry knives for Globalist Elites is the Ontario Rat II, by Randalls Adventure and Outdoors. It regularly makes top 5 lists, and best knives ever lists, so it makes sense the Advanced Knife Bro channel, and all other outdoor gear review channels do it. It is probably so popular because it’s small, light, and fast deploying. It also has Aus-8. You can get it at Amazon:

Correction: I erroneously called the scales G10. They are nylon that sort of feels like G10. If I were you, I’d unsubscribe immediately and go watch a real review.

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30 replies on “Ontario Rat II Knife Review. The best budget blade ever or a global conspiracy?”

How could you even compare such a beauty with that spyderco crap… my god those are ugly as fuck, how can anybody in their right mind waste money on that crap…

I have the RAT 1 and absolutely love it. $23 (AUS 8 version), feels big while cutting but small in the pocket. The AUS 8 gets wicked sharp very quickly, usually 30 seconds on a strop and good to go. Love the blade shape and the handle feels great.
great vid, love a little humor in a knife review!

Been watching knife vids all day and you're the best channel so far. I'll let you know if somebody beats you off, or you can let me know. Would you recommend this or the Rat 1 or Rat 1 D2 in the under $50 range or is there something else that you think is better? I realize that if I was working instead of watching videos, then I wouldn't be asking for under $50 knife recommendations. I also like larger knives in the 3.5" range.

18K views of this video at the time of this comment. Not sure, but I might have watched it 15K myself. To anyone new to the channel, watch advanced knife bro's Zima review. And what the heck, watch the Broken Skull review too.

Are those RFID resistant scales? I wouldn’t want someone across the street deploying my Randal Survival picket tool. Waisted my time watching a video about a knife I’ve owned and watched many videos about…. God YOU ARE PROGRAMMING ME!!!

You won't find money in my wallet. I'm poor. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you with all them knives beers and such 🐱

My wife wasn't really a fan of knives … funny enough on Christmas years ago i bought he a little RAT2 for her purse … more as a gag gift. When i picked it up and handled it i became instantly impressed. Best 25 dollar knife i've handled. The D2 version is a steal as well. Its great for the money… i don't find it to be in my top of my list but definitely something i would recommend as a very budget friendly, good little user knife especially in the D2 version. The action is pretty impressive at that price point.

Living in NYC I have very few choices in knives. So me and my ukpk look at these knife channels as hardcore internet porno that it is… a liner lock covered in burning jet fuel falls fast than gravity alone!

Andvanced knife bro this message is from former president bush and the pope. You need to stop trying to expose us or we will be forced to wipe your memory remotely ps bush didn’t do 911.

I helped my friend pick this out as a gift for her brother for xmas, since I was a casual knife guy. Then I couldn't stop thinking about this knife, and finding the perfect edc knife. Id really like a benchmade griptilian or bugout but I think I might get one of these and see how it works out.

I've got a fixed-blade Lionsteel made of M390. My teeth have been having fewer cavities, but my precious bodily fluids are at an all-time low. But now it all makes sense: Lionsteel is an Italian company, AND THAT'S WHERE THE POPE LIVES!!!

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