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Knife Review : Whitetail Cutlery Yellow Trapper (Shhhhh Its Frost)

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Yeah I agree as well Frost Cutlery knives now ain't highest quality as they were back then going back to the 1950s they were very high quality knives I've got a few of those from that area that are still great knives today but the ones you buy now and ass high-quality anymore

OK, everybody says Frost Cutlery sucks! I have owned/still own several Frost knives, all slip-joints. They are my working knives and not one of them has ever given me any trouble in 30 years. I keep them sharp and use them all day long. What the hell is wrong with that? Fit n finish, walk n talk, it's dull, wtf? Just sharpen it and use it, or not, but shut up about it.

custom affordable grandpaw folding knives get them with 1095 mirror polished steel for about $100 at Great Eastern Cutlery, the Northfield UN-X-LD, they are top notch, beautiful and usable, but made in limited numbers and the runs are different, sometimes its stockmans, sometimes its trappers or some other design.

Words of wisdom spend the time to find a vintage old school grampas knife make sure it has usa on it if u want the real thing get it dont buy a knife like these every knife has its purpose i agree on that but i like vintage knives sorry

I've packed a frost for 4 years and it's never let me down skinned everything from squirrel to deer and crappie to catfish sum bitch is great

Some people just have no acting abilities,this guy just seems so tongue tied on camera,you should try rehearsing what your gonna say dude.

I'm lucky enough to live close to Smoky Mountain Knife Works, and when you take the time to sort through the bins of cheap Chinese slipjoints from Frost, Schrade, Rough Rider, etc. you can get some nice knives at a real screaming deal. 4 out of 5 knives in every bin might have a poorly fitted scale, a wobbly blade, or a weak backspring, but finding the diamond in the rough is worth making the effort.

Of course, getting to fondle all the Spyderco, Benchmade, ZT, and ESEE knives also makes the the trip worth it, even if you strike out on the budget stuff

Hey you should do a review of the Hurricane by Frost Cutlery I just bought the knife today from a true value down the street it seems pretty good but the blade kind of wiggles Thanks 🙂

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