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GEC Bull Buster Review. The perfect old guy style knife? Probably almost certainly.

The GEC Bull Buster is a classic looking pocket knife patterned after the Sod Buster style knife. For farmers and old guys, and people who like quality Made in the USA knives, this slip joint is made from high quality materials. As evidenced from it’s linen micarta handle, to it’s sub 7 ounce Buck 110 weight of 3 ounces, and it’s rust curious 1095 carbon steel blade. While it doesn’t have a pocket clip or lock, there’s still a lot to love and sit on your porch and think about. GEC also stands for Great Eastern Cutlery, which not only helps with SEO- but explains what those letters mean to people who don’t feel like googling.
Bull Buster (GEC #21):
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21 replies on “GEC Bull Buster Review. The perfect old guy style knife? Probably almost certainly.”

Old Man Knives!!!!  What's not to love?  My first old man knife was a Old Timer slip joint given to me by my dad…within the first week of having it – I cut the shit out of my knee and managed to drop it into a campfire…destroying it forever.  Not all at once though.

I dont care much about the knifes you are reviewing, but instead your spot on dead pan humour. If your not already, you would for sure have a greate career in stand up comedy.

Thank you for supplying good and funny vids.

Bro, great video. The two stage opening you mentioned is called the walk and talk. This is what Cutler's called the opening action of a slip joint. The blade is supposed to click stop at about 90 degrees to the handle and then click in when opened the rest of the way. You almost never hear the expression these days. Makes me kind of nostalgic for the days when your knife was a tool and not some gimmicky doodad to impress other bozos with and deplete your bank account. Just the thoughts of some random old guy. Happy trails.

When you said in the Kailash video that slipjoints were better purpose built wood chopping tools than Khukuris, I had my doubts. But no longer! What better tool for the non sequitur "splitting wood with a knife" than grandpappy's self-destructive prison shank.

Just bought a t-shirt. Can't wait to wear it around town and see if any other Advanced Knife Bros recognize it.

In honor of all those old guy knives, I have to ask: Looks hotter than a two peckered billy goat there. How you liking California?

One thing I've noticed about the gec bullnose is that the micarta version requires a stronger pull to open while the delrin version was about average/middle of the road pull to open. I've been wondering if the bullbuster was the same way with the pull difference between micarta and delrin versions?

Hollow grind is much better in cutting and slicing than full flat. Try to cut cheese with a hollow grind against a full flat grind! So I definitely prefer the Buck 110 over the SOG Buster. But I like the SOG Buster as well. Don't mind the weight. I like something more substantial in my hand. And I prefer wearing my knife on my hip. So for me weight is no issue at all. But good video! And thanks for showing us that Great Eastern Cutlery Bull Buster knife. Great Eastern making very good high quality knives! Unfortunately I think you can't get them here in Germany. And shipping from the U.S. is very expensive.

I'd like one of those with handles…or scales, uh, whatever you kids call 'em….made with old, flame-hardened, hand-molded butterscotch candies…

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