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ESEE 6 Knife Review: Andre from SurvivalZoneAfrica

ESEE 6 Knife Review: Andre from SurvivalZoneAfrica Knife Review

The ESEE 6 is at the top of my list for a go to Survival/Tactical Knife. It can handle almost anything you can throw at it.

GOOD- The sheath has been redone by Stan

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That knife is looking great and I would probably like to own one of them. I already have many bushcraft knives from several companies and they are nice, but I would like to own one long enough to hunt with or use for bushcraft in this country, or anywhere else I would be at as it seems to be great.

esee are probably the best but i usually go with the ontario stablemate cause the price is just too much higher on the esee for very similar knives. i don't lose my knives and if i did would not ask for another from the mfg–that's just not cricket. love your reviews!

Awsome, no bs knife review. and I also LOVE his accent, could watch thousands of knife reviews at a time if every knife channel had that accent

Hi Andre, thanks for all the video. I'm in the market for a good survival tactical blade. Im caught between the what Ka bar Jarosz Turok and Esse 6. What would you recommend. Thanks

I love my ESEE 6, my second one. They are amazing blades! Try some TKC scales, they transform the the knife into world class.

so nice to see a review from a fellow South African! Great review and great blade! I have the Esee 5 and BK2 and love them both.

Just purchased one on Amazon yesterday and it arrives tomorrow… Thank you for verifying that I had made a good decision! Enjoyed your honest comments…

Hi Andre I make survival kits for missionaries and have friends in Malawi what would you recommend for survival kit items specific for Africa. I was wondering what knife system is prime for Africa thanks and be safe

01:39 It is LINEN micarta, there is nothing better; those that buy after market "G10" scales to replace the Linen ones are foolish (Linen ones are lighter, have more grip when wet, and do not make your hands sweat on hot climate).

For the ergonomic of the handle… Take a sand paper strip (12×2 inches) and round the corners of the handle; you will love it.

I've been drooling over this knife for years now, especially since at the moment I have no good solution for a survival knife. Time to make a move soon! 🙂
Thanks a lot for showing!

I agree. A knife this good deserves a better sheath than the one it comes with. I bought my ESEE 6 without a sheath and had a custom kydex sheath made for it. Now it's perfect!

I carry everything from SAK's to machetes, depending on the environment; but if I were ever in a situation in which I could just have ONE knife, it would be the ESEE 6. It's a big blade but still relatively thin and the finger choils are great for smaller work. Thanks for the review!

You seem like a plain-spoken, easy-going, laid-back kind of a guy.  Great video.  Yeah, I like my ESEE-6 also.  Got mine with the venom green powder coat and the orange G-10 scales; it really pops!  "Survival Zone Africa"?  Never been to Africa, but we've got plenty of places to explore here in Michigan, too.

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