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Gerber Strongarm Review & Demonstration

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28 replies on “Gerber Strongarm Review & Demonstration”

Ver good review. Strong arm it's very good knife.excelent for the price and quality. Please make a review of the Polaris xs1 10"hunting survival knife. Great knife too

Having a hard time buying this, It`s like £95 in the UK that`s quite expensive, Gerber over the last few years have been regarded as junk steel in their knives.

I little over a year ago I bought the Prodigy Gerber, with serrated edges, I did not like it was not too sharp,, sold it.. saw the fine edge version the other day, that’s the one I wanted I said to myself, (Walmart) so I got it again, this time it was way better, a little sharper, and the Non serated version, I sharpened it with a steak knive sharpener, now its sharp as a razor, Reall like the Sheath believe it or not, I owned the Strong Arm & sold it because I did not care for the Sheath, but liked the Knife, (I know I’m weird), now I want the Strong arm again too, 😆😆😆

My husband wants one but is iffy on buying one cause of blood slipping when he guts his deer or elk how does it do with blood on the handel

I wasn't a big Gerber fan but I've bought 3 of them the prodigy the lmf and the strongarm they're all good knives keep it up Gerber.


excellent, tough blade, love the color, it goes with every outdoor patterns, made in usa, not china i believe..just bought mine in australia…left right hand, multiway clipping system….very simple….easy to use…

Best thing about it is it comes in Coyote Brown. Or Desert Tan or whatever they're calling that. All knives should come in your choice of black, coyote brown, or olive drab.

$45 3 years ago. Now that we have all the YouTube Rambos and YouTube warriors this $45 knife is now $75 for 420hc!! Its for sure a good knife but not worth the $30 increase

My son just got me one and out of all my knives i have to say this one is already my favorite, GERBER out did themselves, great video thnx…

Hey brother-thanks for the review. Quick question when able – no homo but was that a Patagonia jacket? How about the gloves and hat set? Wondering if they were homemade or where you picked them up from?

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