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Did I Get Ripped Off In A Knife Trade ???

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11 replies on “Did I Get Ripped Off In A Knife Trade ???”

Mon Jeff I was just talking about this very same subject to day. I was showing this old Asian man head I made a bust for it. I was saying my uncle gave me that old Asian man head. I said it might not be valuable to someone else but it means a lot to my. I would never sell it even if some one offered me more than its worth in value. My Uncle had past on many year's ago even most of my niece's and nephew's don't know who my uncle was because he past away when most were still babies.

I was gonna message you like 2 weeks ago. To see if you @jeff wanted to do some trades with me. I have all kinds of knives that I would like to get rid of for something I never had before.

Part of having a really great knife and gear channel is getting new stuff to showcase.. so the trade also come with good content. Trades are a good way to keep things interesting.

I have a question for you. I am about to purchase my first high value knife. Every knife I have ever bought was around ~40$. I am about to drop ~120-200 on a knife. I am looking for an EDC with no serrations, I'm looking for something kinda slim like the ruike p108, but with more quality. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!!

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