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Advanced Survival Kit

Advanced Survival Kit
Designed by Randall’s Adventure & Training as a comprehensive survival kit for pilots, motorists, outdoorsmen and world travelers. The kit features a made in the USA Cordura bag (available in blaze orange or OD) with detachable map case and removable backpack straps. The kit components have been chosen by the Randall’s Adventure & Training team after years of working in remote locations with minimal gear. For emergency uses, the kit is capable of providing most survival requirements. From shelter, fire, navigation, self-rescue and water gathering, to short rappels down steep environments.


Overall Size: 7″ x 12″ x 8″
Weight: 5 pounds

Cordura Kit Bag
Detachable Map Case
ESEE-4P Knife (Special Edition)
Victorinox Hiker Knife
Randall’s Adventure & Training Mess Tin w/ Handle
25′ 8mm Prusik Cord/Rope
24 kN Load Rated Carabiner
Nav Card Set
Survival Card Set
Rite In The Rain Nav/Survival Notepad
Petzl Headlight
Snare Wire
30’ Small Cordage
Basic Fishing Kit
Rapid Rescue Orange Whistle
Emergency Signal Mirror
Orange Survey Tape
Pocket Spiral Saw (Wire Saw)
Emergency Duct Tape
Fresnel Lens
Brite Strike APALS Light (2 each)
Ranger Bands
Suunto A10 Compass
Quick Disconnect Keyring
Water Bags (4 each 1-Quart)
Potable Aqua Tablets
Survival Blanket (2 each)
Utility Flame (2-Pack)
Large Fire Steel
Waterproof Matches
Tinder Quik Fire Tabs
AAA Batteries
Kevlar Trip Line Spool (100′)
Sewing Needle w/ Cordura Patch
1.5 MIL Yellow Trash Bag (2 each)
Signal Panel / Tarp (60″ x 60″)

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The bag alone is £175 in the UK, and frankly a couple of AMK heat sheets and one of their emergency bivvy scandalous be a much better choice than the Ndur blanket and a couple of cheap trash bags.
Also Iodine tablets are a less than optimal choice. Chlorine dioxide tablets are much more effective. Although I would carry tincture of iodine for medicinal use in a jungle environment.
It's also worth noting that both the iodine & the tablets fume. If you store them in the mess tin the funds will damage everything else stored with them.

Very impressive kit! Hopefully i'll be able to try one out one day!
Everything you guys put out is always top-shelf.

When I see these people with all these high-tech survival crap I just smh. Doesn't matter how advanced your material garbage is, when you're actually in a state where you need to survive a situation. That trash is either gonna break, get lost, get stolen, or run out eventually. Then what? For thousands of years people survived by their faith in God, their wits, & the rest followed.

Looks like a great survival kit, but horrible video. No explanation of the items, or actual breakdown of what's in the kit. Kept saying go to website, but the purpose of these videos is to show and tell.

Good video but we all know Toyota's don't break down 😉 ….just kidding. The kit looks great, I looked at it while I was in SMokey Mountain Knife Works, I like it.

Awesome kit, that video is great except for the fiction breakdown of an 87 Yota… that light has been on in my truck for about a year. I keep checking the engine and it's still there.

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