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Knife Review : Razor-Lite EDC (Next Generation Of Folding Utility Knife)

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Badass knife iv been carrying one for over a year and love it

Edit: The steel is crap and would like to see an option for a better steel

I skinned and quartered a buck with one last year and it made it feel like I was cutting through warm butter. Great for hunters!

I didn't get what it was from the review, is it an actual utility knife or is it more like a folding fillet knife with a backbone? Do you get the feeling that it'd be a good bird & trout knife, would a fisherman like it and be able to process a day's worth of brookies with it and whittle some softer wood lure blanks? Could it feather a fire-starting stick and prep tinder'n'kindlin'? I like the idea of it but I didn't get the impression from the review, even though it came from that hunting-themed battlbox, of whether or not it has any actual outdoorsy… <i>knifeyness</i> to it.

I work at Lowe's, I just bought one of these from work, it's ironic because like you said, were not allowed to use our own knives, we have to use their cheap plastic box cutters.

I would never, ever get this kind of knife. The pou is just not in my scope. I want a knife that doesn't break when I'm in a situation where I need to abuse it (like baton it)..

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