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USAF Parachute Pack Survival Kit

When it comes to credibility and confidence in your gear, there’s no better place to look than the military. In this video, Sootch unpacks the USAF parachute pack survival kit to reviews the items included.

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15 replies on “USAF Parachute Pack Survival Kit”

You can light the fire starter on your striker strip. Great video, thanks. My question is where exactly was this kit located on the parachute?

First thing you have to remember is they were made by the lowest bidder. I have also never met a service member that was happy with their gear. Most of them went to the aftermarket to get civilian items that were actually made for survival. These items are great for getting ideas but, I would not trust them to survive.

I luv those old survival kits and survival rations. Check out Steve1989 great channel for old/new survival kits and rations. As for up to date survival kits check out blackscout survival. They have different kits and hands down the best survival kit on the market is there combat survival kit. Great for the military and for myself it’s my shtf survival kit. I always keep one on me which they have several great edc survival kits. The one I carry is the cache capsule and my old one is the survival tin. Both great options for edc but probably the best one is the travel survival kit. Makes a great rescue kit but also a great survival kit. Great for travel and on the go. The only items it doesn’t have is a flashlight and blade but u can add if u wanted to. For travel no blade but there is other options. Check them out and the videos on it.

I got one of these kits from a buddy in Life Support. He gave it to me when they pulled the parachutes off the aircraft I was a crew-member on (early 1980's). This kit was in the parachute itself. It was the last ditch kit if you lost everything else. The knife in the kit I got did not have an edge on it (lowest bidder) had to sharpen it.

I think the red part on the fire starter is actually a match so that you do not need to waste your matches to start it

This is only part of the kit. They are layer and this looks like what you have even if everything else is lost. As I understand it the ejection seat has survival stuff under your bottom

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