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Tactical Plate Carrier Survival Kit w/ Grey Ghost Gear

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17 replies on “Tactical Plate Carrier Survival Kit w/ Grey Ghost Gear”

If you aren't going to run plates, why not just use a chest rig? More comfortable and gives you more options.. And much more comfortable when wearing a ruck or pack of any sort.

Simple but very nice rig Sir Ben. regarding on the med kit, I would like to suggest Military & Law Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) by Chinook Medical Gear.

Could you post names of pouches and link to them, please?

P.S. Your clip is on backwards. Supposed to go into the molle.

Nice video I was kind of hoping you would do something like this cuz of all the pack reviews you've done, a plate carrier was a nice addition.

Ben, Another creative video and I like the vest. I think I would add one item to the vest pouch. A contractor grade trash bag that could provide some shelter or can be used as a modified rain coat. Ken T

Very cool! A versatile, modular system, just pop different gear, pouches, or packs depending on where you're going or what you're up to.  Light weight, easy on and off, and can carry protective plates.

This would be . I guess you could add shelter elements like tarp or heat reflective material where the plates would go. Add a large F.lens in 😀 😀
Can you do a update video with gear once you use this a little more ty 😀

ya but if you have to go out to get water and supplies your already carrying fairly heavy plate armour and if you need to leave quickly it would be much easier to grab it and go

Really nice. I love the idea of the attachable backpack. The rig keeps it in place without fussing with straps. Hmmm. Great review as always.

love the idea. give me ideas too. little steep in price for me at the moment. but definitely something i would look into in the future. i really like the ability to attach tht backpack to the back of it. would make a great BoB option or even just a great hiking/camping option for longer trips.

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