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Prepared To Survive 2014: Personal Survival Kit

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Boiling water is going to be difficult unless one normally carries a metal bottle. The one quart plastic bag will melt. The water filter straw will not favor pumping or siphoning into the plastic bag. A second bag would allow you to have treated and treatable water bags and gravity filter from one bag to the other. Alternatively, one could collect enough foil to build a bowl to boil water in or wrap a fish and cook it after cleaning. Note, hand sanitizer — even though it contains alcohol has a gel for your hands that does not burn as easily as one might guess. Consider mixing it with cotton balls or something to make it into a fire starter.

Would you want a air filter A N99 or N95 fold up dust mask?
Or, Thermal protection such as a heavy gage space blanket?
Some of these fold up well and could fit.

Sitting warm with water and something to do like fishing for 72 hours might even be fun.

I'm a forgetful person. For a kit that I use items from, I keep an index card in there with a list of stuff that belongs in the kit. And use checkmark boxes to remind what needs replacing. And for seldom used kits, the list makes a quick way to scan thru what is in the kit, rather than dumping everything out to find whether something is in that particular kit. First Aid Kits are an example for that.

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