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The KME Knife Sharpening System: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll discuss a piece of gear I’ve been using (and loving) for months now, the KME “Precision Knife Sharpening System”. It’s a guided system which can help you re-profile, sharpen, and even mirror-edge a variety of knives in damned near any modern steel. It’s pricy, it’s a bit complicated, it struggles with huge or weirdly shaped knives, and the price could buy years of professional sharpenings, but I’ve fallen in love, and find the KME to be a solid freakin’ gem.

Here’s a nice example of it in use:

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I suggest using an angle Cube because if you use Stones Some of the thicknesses are different from the diamond homes. I barely use the films I use an Arkansas translucent and kangaroo strops with

I'm glad I stumbled across your video. I was hell-bent on getting either the wicked edge 130 or pro pack 1. The cost was staggering. I watched half of your video, paused it, and ordered a KME kit from Amazon. I came back and watched the rest of your vid, all the while congratulating myself on a wise decision. Thanks for the vid!

Very nice indeed. Unlike that Tormek monstrosity, this is a real knife sharpening system. I personally don't like diamond stones, but the system lets you replace them with any stone as long as it fits the holder. Two thumbs up!

Thanks for the video Nick, I love your information and the way you look at things. Also, I dont know why I like your accent hehe

Birdshot shout out! Just watched his video and immediately purchased one. Will be using my work sharp for kitchen knives and other random crap, dont want to round my benchmade tips on the worksharp

Can I ask how thick is the glass? Length and width?
I was thinking I have my own 3m polishing papers and can just make my own glass blanks or have a frame shop make for me.

Well, after about a month of research I have decided to go for it and get the KME deluxe kit. Same thing you have here. I found it for $300. Your video review, wisdom and experience in the knife world sold it for me. I appreciate you man. Keep doing your thing.

You guys are getting ripped off. The exact same sharpening system can be had online for $25…I have double the amount of stones with mine and I paid about $55USD all in. Also, on mine I added 2 collars with set screws so I have an upper and lower stop limit… Cant fall out or slip and hit the edge this way.

I have pretty much the same set – up Nick has here and I'm very pleased. Didn't think my blades could get any sharper than with the Spyderco Sharpmaker but I was way wrong.

The Sharpmaker is very good but this KME system with all the bells and whistles take sharp to another level.

Most everyone these days have a smart phone. Download a free app that tells you the angles and you don't have to buy one. Sharpies are good for finding the factory bevel but I just reprofile most of my blades to 20 degrees or whatever degree I want. So when I set it up the next time, I don't need to guess what degree I'm looking for. Mount the knife, open the app, find 20 degrees and I'm good to go.

Seeing that you gave this kit to Cedric, what is your current sharpening system? I'm looking it get it right the first time watching tons of videos.
Thanks Nick, love your content!

Do you still recommend this knife sharpening system? Over the others on the market in its class?
I’m about to make a purchase this week on a knife sharpening system.

Thank you,
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