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Stir Fry Prep ~ Mikarto Knife Review ~ Damascus Chef's Knife and Santoku ~ Amy Learns to Cook

Stir Fry Prep. Mikarto Knife Review. Damascus Chef’s Knife and Santoku. Today we are doing prep for a stir fry with the Mikarto Precision Knives. We are using their 8″ Damascus Chef’s Knife and their Santoku. These knives are VG10 and have a Rockwell rating of 62. We are also looking at their combination sharpening stone that has grit levels of 1,000 and 6,000. It is great for basic sharpening and polishing.

Mikarto Chef’s Knife – 8″ Damascus:
Mikarto Santoku Knife – 7″:
Mikarto Sharpening Stone 1000/6000 grit:

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6 replies on “Stir Fry Prep ~ Mikarto Knife Review ~ Damascus Chef's Knife and Santoku ~ Amy Learns to Cook”

Thanks so much for this intro to sharpening. It affirms that I know nothing!! 🙂 I am also less intimidated and ready to learn. Soon I will make that long desired investment in a good knife!!

right now ,we have so many (AUS-10+G-10 Handle and 12-16 degrees sharp angle) knife on amazon
and there look almost same ,i think they all made at same factory in china.
I don't think made in china is bad , but can they diversity more ?

I used to be fluent in chinese cooking and the secret to thin slices is to partially freeze the chicken breast then you can practically shave it with a great knife like those are. Is the price point on the @Mikarto knives affordable?

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