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Pocket Knives You've Never Heard Of | Knife Banter S2 (Ep 6)

Andrew and Zac talk about some great knives you may have not heard of before. Get your next knife here:

Knives in order of appearance:

Arcform Catalyst:

LT Wright Bushcrafter:

BRS Apache:

JE Made Zulu:

Cold Steel Tuff Lite:

Jason Clark Mini Freefall:

Titaner Dragonfly:

Steel Will Modus:

Bestech Torpedo:

Southern Grind Bad Monkey:

Viper Anso Orso:

CRKT Pilar:

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30 replies on “Pocket Knives You've Never Heard Of | Knife Banter S2 (Ep 6)”

Give my condolences to Georgie, tell him they don't all float down there. 🙁 Other than that, good job as usual guys!

My god I love that BRS!
P.s. I think you guys do a great job responding to comments, that makes you guys a good company in my opinion

Food prep, at least for myself, it's something my EDC knives get used a lot for, like peeling an apple, cut up an orange or a sandwich, spread PB&J, as a steak knife etc. Sometimes I do use my folder as a paring knife when cooking or as a full on chef knife (because no one brought another knife to the BBQ at the park).

I wonder what Ernest Emerson thinks about that "Wave" feature on the Southern Grind. Probably calling his lawyers right now.

Tattoos are,for the most part, disgusting & nasty looking.Whats even more disturbing is the fact that people who live off my tax dollars( food stamps,government housing,Medicaid,WICK,SNAP,etc,etc) have hundreds,or even thousands of dollars of TATTOOS!

I have not watched BladeHQ videos for some time, but since when do you have Keanu Reeves' doppleganger in them?

Just a heads up if you do some research you'll find a lot of current Italian knive makers are not doing proper heat treats so a lot of current enthusiasts are boycotting them untill they address.

Food prep with those newish Esee/Tops/Spyderco kitchen choppers would be cool. 😎 I think all three make kitchen 🔪 knives

Damn! I’m tapped out on knife funds right now. Of course BRS drops the alpha beast and will be gone before I drum up the cash.

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