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New FANTOM R Carbon Fiber Minimalist EDC Wallet Review!

The new Fantom R carbon fiber wallet is here and I finally got to spend a little time with this extremely popular minimalist wallet! I was an early backer for their Kickstarter campaign so I get to check it out a little early, but if you didn’t donate to the campaign you’ll be able to get your hands on one November 4th, 2019!
With 3 different sizes and 6 varieties, You’ll be able to customize the Fantom R however you like. There’s also an optional Titanium money clip available in 10 different colors. I will leave a link below if you want to pick one up for yourself once they are available!!

Fantom R Wallet:✔

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12 replies on “New FANTOM R Carbon Fiber Minimalist EDC Wallet Review!”

That's what i am talking about.
You finally got to review the wallet i requested..thanks man for the video..more power to your channel

I like your wallet reviews! I really liked your review on the Ridge and the Amazon knock offs. Have you heard of The Wyn minimalist wallet? Saw an advertisement for it. Looks interesting but no reviews on it. Keep up the great reviews!

This is waaay too thick and way too big. I see it heavily advertised on amazon, im glad i didnt buy this because it was on my list when i was looking for a wallet

Hi thanks for the sponsor video, The muscle case has many different styles. If you have an android message Me I have a free option for you!

It seems kind of quirky, I think I will just steer clear of it. By the way would you consider doing a comparison video between the trayvax contour and the dango m1? I've been considering the m1 blue line 4 pocket vs the contour . Thanks for your great videos .

The Fantom looks pretty cool. I'm not like those loose cards though. I'd probably rock the contour over the Fantom just like you have.

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