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Knife review: "Neo"-regional French knives

There are true classic regional French knives such as the famous Laguiole and Nontron. And in addition these days there are many “new” regional knives, as if every local cutler wants to propose his regional knife. So, yes, it’s often a rather commercial affair. Still some of these knives are interesting and pretty: here we have a closer look at neo-regional knives called “Le Camarguais” and “Le Montagnard” and one knife from Breizh Kontell, a cutlery from Brittany.

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Good video!
Was just looking for another good reason to confirm that the LE CAMARGUAIS was the right buy 🙂 Maybe good for kitchen use but this slack in the blade kinda ruined it… Going for some Scandinavian instead.

Good morning, My wife just returned from France and she brought me a beautiful Breizh kontell. It is a locking folding knife. I opened the knive and now I cannot seem to find out how to close it? can you help. on the knives featured in this video when you open the knive a level comes up on the spine. I do not have that on mine. ANy help would be greatly appreciated.

– Thanks for your vids. I'm not sure about the correct english expression: Is it "seminal work"? (In german: Your vids are "stilbildend". – P.S. I recommended your channnel to a friend of mine. Comment: "Cutest accent ever."

Honestly, I don't like these knives. – (Sorry!) – But on the other hand I couldn't explain Hegels concept of "dialectic" in a better way than referring to yours and Stefan Schmalhaus vids. – Having a everlasting, but vague liking for classical blades, but going astray into tactical G-10-Folders, I'll return to the handmade classical blades.

The Le Montagnard is a really nice knife, very classy but a little too big for a EDC. Great review, take care!!

@mwchinbach Gwenn-ha-du Means Black and White, referring to the Breton Flag itself, and not the emblem. That emblem is called "moucheture d'hermine" (in french) I think it would translate as "stoat speckling" (interesting origins to google about)

Luckily you can. If you google for "couteaux berthier" or "couteaux courty", then you'll find two well-stocked French shops (featuring online ordering), with a good selection of French (neo-)regional knives. Worth checking out, for example to buy a nice Nontron, or a Chambriard Le Compagnon.


that is true, almost every village in france has its own knife. if you want to check them out, you have no choice but to go there and pick the one you like best. you cannot buy knives like these over the internet.

They are reasonably ok considering the price, but Chambriard is more refined at in essence the same prices. So, if you like the look and the price is ok for you, then I think you'd be happy enough.

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