survival kit review

Aootek survival kit review

A review of a small survival kit. Is it worth buying?

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Nice video, you may also want to checkout the review of Survival Kit on my blog here at gohonestreviews. com/survival-kit-review/ Thanks, Mohammed.

I would have been more critical of the package. You could get all this at walmart for cheaper without the chinese pocket brick or credit card tool. Would recommend the surviveware or kungix kits instead, only like $5-10 more for a car or personal kit you can depend on.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this mini survival kit. You forgot to add the price of the case. It also has some value. I'd say it's well worth the $20 you paid for it. I'd probably want to put those fishing hooks in something they won't poke through though, and as for the button compass, you can pick up a decent compass at Walmart for under $5.00.

Thanks again for posting.

20Bucks? Thats a great deal i would say. Sucks we dont have this kind of Kits in the Netherlands…

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