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A Realistic Urban Survival Kit

What I usually carry in my urban survival kit. I work in the city and these are the items I usually have with me to try to mitigate as much hardship as possible in an emergency situation.

For my take on an Altoids-type Survival Tin click here:

Kit Contents:

Solar Charger:

Breath of Life:—Life/dp/B00G7TS71M/ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1436061702&sr=1-1&keywords=breath+of+life

Folding N-95 Mask:

Rapcom Tactical Messenger Bag:

Bluetooth Headphones:

First Aid Kit:


Water Filter Straw:

Datrex water pouches:

Datrex food bar:

Glo Toob:

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"You got not to be able to carry a knife"…but you have an opinel in your toolkit πŸ™‚ btw it's a good bag, the only advice i want to give is to do some kind of workout and stay fit…a survival kit can be a support for you to walk or run for miles to reach home or a secure place

A survival kit has alot to deal with your location and at sometimes the weather can be a major factor. In an urban environment I would definitely pack a scanner, communications as a priority and of course your water and food along with the regular necessities. Self defense weapons is reccomended as well.

Here are twenty-one suggestions to consider adding to your kit:

(1) Ziploc freezer bags – Pack your stuff in their to keep it dry and you can use it for additional storage. I keep a set of lightweight gym clothes (tank top or t shirt/running shorts/underwear/socks) in a gallon freezer ziploc bag. If you work out, leaving workout cloths on top of the kit satisfies the curiosity of others around you…

(2) Rain poncho – It will not only help you stay dry, it can be used like a tarp to make a shelter. If you cannot shelter in a building, you may have to shelter outside.

(3) Emergency space blanket – One or two.

(4) Folded road map and subway maps – You can often get them for free or low cost from AAA or local tourism board. In an emergency, you make have to make detours to get to your destination. I keep them in a zip loc baggie so they don't get wet.

(5) Dark color crayons – They are good for marking surfaces and can burn 15- to 30-minutes as an emergency candle.

(6) Vaseline or other petroleum jelly – They can aid in starting fires and to protect lips and dried skin.

(7) Makeup compact mirror – It can be used as a signaling device and allow you to check your face for wounds.

(8) Small 5- or 10-power magnifying glass with some kind of protective case – Used as an auxiliary fire starting device and to aid you in finding/removing splinters.

(9) Mechanix work gloves – There may be a lot of debris. You will need your hands so protect them.

(10) Tweezers – If there is not one in your first aid kit, get a pair.

(11) Travel sized toilet kit – Mini toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer (get the flammable ones), soap, shampoo (use it and replace the contents with a no rinse shampoo like the ones used in a hospital), sunscreen, and baby wipes. Packed tightly, it takes little room. I also added a cut-down shammy that works well as a towel. No looking like a bum is a plus when having to deal with authorities and others. You will not be the only one trying to get out and will have to interact with others.

(12) Water lock key – allow you access to water in commercial areas. Just make sure that you you are not accessing grey/waste water and that you act as if the water is suspect.

(13) Notepad – I keep one in a small zip lock sandwich bag along with a carpenter's pencil and a couple rubber bands. I keep my emergency contact list (uncoded) and other data (encoded) that I may need.

(14) High visibility color bandannas – They have countless uses as a bandage, water gathering/filtering device, signaling.

(15) Reusable zip ties – They can be used to aid you in rigging a shelter or as an extra hand holding things together.

(16) Keyring or keychain tools – I work in government buildings and never had an issue with non-bladed key ring tools such as a screwdriver set, bottle opener, and emergency strap cutting tool. When clearing security, I just drop my keys and purse into the bucket and walk through the metal detectors.

(17) Gatorade power packets – Help you replace electrolytes you will be sweating as you walk out. My younger brother was stationed in Barstow when he watched a fellow Marine also passed out for not taking in the salts. The young marine was came in from the East Coast and was not use to being the desert. The marine drank lots of water, but did not take the salts. If it was not for the corpsman, the Marine would have passed out. If it's hot, drinking just water will mess you up.

(18) Condoms – Non lubricated, no gel condoms can act as spare water containers. You can also use them as ties or as protective covers. I keep a life straw wrapped up in a tied-off condom.

(19) Whistle – Signaling device that can carry further than you can yell.

(20) Metal water bottle – Replace the plastic bottle with a metal bottle that can be used to boil water. In certain emergencies, local water supplies may be contaminated by pathogens. Boiling and filtering water may be required to make the water safe.

(21) Paperback book, cards, or some other lightweight non-electronic distraction – If you end up sheltering in place, you will need something to help recenter yourself. You will of course have stuff to do, but there comes a point where you are stuck sitting and waiting. Having something to do will take the edge off the mind numbing boredom.

These items are not ranked in any particular order.

please, tell us about solar power-bank, is it good or it is only for review? problem is solar panels and power elements. what you think which brand you will recommend?

Is no allowed at ny carry victorinox 2 hands open no locker in a pouch inside a bag?is alowed at ny carry glass bottles at hand or paper bags?im asking about vic.than a tool…no than a weapon….if the bad guy has gun nothing to do w.a knife…if bad guy no has a gun…imagine(but no put dirty the a tool no weapon)

Everyone chooses it's own, but if you have to run from a gang , a messenger pack won't help you a bit. That aspect is more important than the many positive points that you mentioned about the messenger pack, it may mean your life.

This is great video, one of the best for urban EDC sets. Just one small comment – it is true that NJ and NYC are very restrictive in relation to self defense. However it is perfectly legal in both NJ and NYC to carry pepper spray. One of good options would be Mace Pepper Gun.

what a great idea for a video for survival kits, you hit it out of the3 park with this one mate, good job, also i enjoy your channel and vids, you have a great outlook on things i dont see in other guys, , keep it up! πŸ™‚

Very keen intuition my good Sir @ messenger bag – Kenneth Cole type bags do the job as well- without yelling " traveling "

Armagedon will be Urban Jungle style! But, no doubt you'll be needing a gun or knigh if anything bad happens!

Since weapons of any kind are illegal in NYC, but a stainless or glass container of a size that works for you, and fill it about 1/3 of the way with the finest grind hottest red pepper AND black pepper that you can find, and fill it to the top with Everclear grain alcohol.

After letting it steep for a month or two filter out all of the particles using coffee filters. You MUST do this several times to make sure that NO particles are left in it, to clog the sprayer when you need it, and do this outside, using proper safety gear.

There are many types of spray containers you can use, from a simple pump bottle, to a pressurized type, use the one you like best.

The important part, is to carry the liquid in an unbreakable liquid-tight container, and transfer it to the sprayer only at the start of your emergency survival event.

Without having to search your whole inventory of videos, have you ever made that one video of how to hide money??

There's only one type of place in any city that is safe from anyone else seeking what you have. Acquisition on the go beats trying to carry excess. Plus excess gets in the way and makes you a bigger target. Concealment in everything is most important. Movement only when position can be improved and risk of being seen is the least. Etc so on and so forth..

I really like the way you packed your urban survival kit with that bag. It's better to be prepared that way than to be sorry later on. I wonder where you'd get that bag? Can't find the same here in the Philippines. Thanks for sharing this dude!

Hopefully you’ve already discovered this three years ago, but the battery went back into the glo-toob backwards compared to how it came out.

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