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11 replies on “WELDING WITH AN EDC LIGHT! – Thrunite T1 Review”

Looks like a great light to just drop in the pocket and forget about until that ' oh crap' moment.but I got to say that the Rayovac Led head lamp is pretty awesome 3 triple A 'S will burn 3 or 4 hours. In pitch darkness I can tell the color of a man's shirt from 100 feet.. Adjustable up and down ( bi focal friendly) . Been using them about ten years now , soldering under house , replacing a sink drain for 5 hours, never drag a drop cord with electric hazard any more while working in water.building a knife or repairing a firearm never without one and they focus in one area and not waste light on wide area. The only drawback is the plastic lugs on the battery pack which easily break .but I always slip a plastic tie around the pack and slip it on and off to change aaa,s . Around 16 bucks.but They don't work to well when wearing a welding hood😜

I ordered an Olight S1R II an hour before I saw your video. The Thrunite is currently $39 + $5 off on your Amazon link which makes it $15 less than the Olight which is only 1000 lumens. Now I may end up with both. Oh well, you can never have too many flashlights.

Agreed, this is an awesome light. It's not my EDC but I keep it handy for like going out into the yard at night. The clip is the weak point.

Got the same weather here now in upstate eastern NY! Nice little light… Thx for the review 🙂
Oh yeah, hope you and your growing family are doing well!

I wish they would have sent me one. I’ve never seen them give away so many lights to so many channels at the same time. Every channel I follow is reviewing this light.

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