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Mora Classic #1 vs Classic #2 (Part One Knife Review)

In this part one video Jeff from Primitive Lifeways carves an animal trap using the Mora #2. Stay tuned to part two where we will compare the #1 to the #2.
In a wilderness survival situation, primitive skills, bushcraft, and wilderness living skills can save your life. In this video we focus on primitive technology. If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up, share it on social media and subscribe to Primitive Lifeways on YouTube. Find my website here:

Paiute Deadfall Trap:

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River Cane Arrows(part 1)

River Cane Arrows(part 2)

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Swiss Multitool

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Old vid but just awesome! Love this 'review' on the Mora through making a trap 🙂 You show actual work and craftsmanship with the knife instead of a bunch of batonning and senseless pointy stick carving. Just wanted to let you know this vid is appreciated!

Great info!

This is how we make our Mora’s more usable:

God Bless you and yours,

Say Heah, I just recently, Like a couple of days ago. I bought a Bokor Black Rold in D2 at a introduction price. The knife is great, I Vexed the edge and now that thin apex is not only very sharp, It's a little stronger. But the sheath was dangerously loose. Infact one morning, I picked my Rold from a chair it was on in my bedroom, and really injured me but good. Anyhow since then I put a Belt Loop with a Handle Strap for obvious safety reasons, But because the shape of the Rold handle, Tge handle strap was a little loose, I thought of stiching it, or putting a pen light to pick up the slack, But I had my Mora Classic #1 on my desk so I said, What If, The What If turned out to be the solution, I much rather have my Classic #1, rather then a flashlight. Besides I like head lamps best. Anyhow it not only picked up the slack, But I have two great wood working knives with a very sharp Flat Grind on my Rold and a Scandi on my Classic #1. That just warmed me up, For my B'Day I bought myself a Benchmade Arvensis 119 and a Bokor Coye Ridgeback a very nice matching combination, I got them some wet and snowy weather. Anyhow, I set it up for a horizontal carry, But if you looked at the new style of Tec-Loc, there's a space between the Tec-Loc and the sheath, I had a small stainless bracelet that I couldn't get it over my fist. But it fits perfectly in that space, To the bracelet I attached two split rings the kind you find on Keychain's etc. So I attached them to my bracelet, and attached them in the holes of the Ridgeback Sheath. It worked out beautifully. Now I made two outs sets. I also had Eric at Mashed Cars make me a Piggyback for my Rodent 7 and my Rodent 4, If you care to see it go to Google Plus and search Paulie 4X and tell me what you think Ok. I also had my Battle Horse Mad Hatter Machete match my recent modified Attitude, You can see it on Google Plus too, I also had a Dual Grind put on it, Hoping I could use it as a large knife instead of just a Machete. Go Tribe !!!

Good review except I have batoned the piss out of my number 2. I didn't baton anything over 3 inches but it held up to everything I threw at it with flying colors. Yup using a knife as a baton is overrated as far as knife reviews go. These knives can do it and do it well within reason.

By the way, since you mentioned a new job…I did work as a Ranger in Northern California for a time, but was able to claim an exemption from the horrific California State Income Tax, as I was there for less than six months on a temporary assignments, and was a permanent resident of Florida.

Also worked in Alaska, and again no state income tax.

California is beautiful but very expensive.

I am sure that you are glad that the State of California is no longer in your pocket.

Unfortunately Arizona still has a state income tax, but hopefully not as bad as California.

I remember that the tax on gasoline in California was a killer, which inflated the price tremendously.

Gas in AZ was much more reasonable, especially around the Kingman area.

Good luck Jeff!


Great teaching video!

You are really an excellent craftsman, and pretty talented.

I too use a Mora HD Companion, which is a great tool. I also like my Cold Steel Finn Bear.

I think that you are much more skilled in their use than I am however!

I have been watching your videos for several years, and I have watched you seemingly transform over time.

I remember you when you were clean shaven, and always wore that Pendleton style of hat with the sunglasses, while you roamed around the Joshua Tree area in California.

It seems as if you have become a bit of a bush hippie with your beard, and cap. Hey, at least you still wear shoes.

Don't mind me, as I'm just kidding, as I am sure we all change our ways and style over time.

I hope that your move into Arizona was for profitable and rewarding reasons, and sorry to hear about your lost Mora knives.

Like California, Arizona is a pretty diverse place, sans the Ocean.

I live in Florida, but was was fortunate enough to be able to spend some time down in Organ Pipe Monument, as well as the Grand Canyon.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy your new home.

By the way, if possible, I would love to see how you actually set up the trap.

Maybe that's coming in part 2, not sure.

Thanks and good luck in all your new ventures.

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