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Gerber Strongarm vs Prodigy – A Gauntlet Knife Review

This Gerber Strongarm is going through the Gauntlet review circle. In this video I show how it compares to the Prodigy and then do some “knife stuff” with this new USA made survival knife.

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26 replies on “Gerber Strongarm vs Prodigy – A Gauntlet Knife Review”

Good review. I have both the prodigy & the strongarm. The strongarm is the basic version but the prodigy is the walmart exclusive with the fine edge. On some forums people have stated that the fine edge prodigy is not a walmart exclusive, they are wrong, it is only available at walmart in this configuration. Even the gerber online catalog does not list this. The walmart prodigy is now discontinued so check your local walmart to see if they have one, I was lucky to get the last one in the case at my local store. Both are well made, made in the usa, and a bargain for the price.

I love these shows on the gauntlet, gerber has upgraded to a newer version with bdz-1 steel,but they only made 2,000 in production, supposedly holds edge retention longer an stays sharper longer,it's a little more fore it,but affordable still,thought I'd share that with you, I love both versions of the strong arm.

I dnt know why people are tricked into thinking that the prodigy sheath comes apart. Just two screws and 2 velcro straps and abracadabra. But not really. The strap at the very bottom end of the sheath is sewn together. So it’s not coming apart unless you destroy the bottom strap. Just letting you know friend.

I have the Gerber prodigy and question. I love the sheath except for the bulkiness. I took the screws out and now I have that strap at the end is there anyway to get around that? I mean when I'm carrying it around. I'm not a knife expert by any means but I feel like it could be carried better I'll explain in depth if your still its a 3 yr old.vid lol

Interesting review. It was started out as a Strongarm vs Prodigy review, and it didn’t take long until the Prodigy disappeared and it became a Strongarm review. I was hoping for a comparison.

Can anybody tell me if the prodigy will fit in the Strongarm sheath? I picked up a fine edge prodigy the other night, and I really want to know if I could put it into a Strongarm sheath.

Sorry but Strongarm is missing some of the Prodigy's important features. Donno how i should consider it as an update, its more like downgrade

I just bought the new version of the prodigy, looks like only the sheath changed. But sounds like a lot of people think this bald 420HC is garbage…I paid $45 with free shipping, idk feels good in my hands but time will tell

That knife is looking nice and I just purchased their Freeman Guide Folder knife which seem to be a great knife. I wanted a folding knife to have as a backup in my backpack, and it seem to be real nice.

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I like the channel and info from the testing of knives. But your channels name is survival on purpose. I live in New Brunswick Canada I think it's important to know the difference between maple and different hard woods given your channels name

The gerber prodigy and the gerber lmf shealth are very similar. I Have both knives I'm not a fan of serrated blades but if shtf I would gladly carry them.

Thanks Brian for a very informative review and like you I have never been a fan of reviewers who test their knives to destruction. I just find it pointlessly wasteful.

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