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Fox Predator Knife Review

Review of The Fox Predator made in Italy. A very futuristic fighting knife with fox knives steel of choice: The N690co

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about military knives, have you ever heard about the chilean "corvo" ?
I would like a comparation between these 2 great knives.

it's not a bushcraft knife it's a military knife. Of course that doesn't mean it can't be used for bushcraft/survival type operations. Why did you get the knife if you don't like serrations?

put that paracord on the other hand lol looks stupid with a watch and bracelet on one hand and nothing on the other

those groves on the top of the knife are to cut some of the weight off the blade just like the blood groove of a Ka-Bar

thanks for the info 🙂
The camera I used to shoot this video wih is acutally my brothers canon 550d. I borrowed it from him because my old camcorder was broken. My new camera that I am using is a Sony nex-5. It shoots similar videos regarding quality and sound. Hope that helps!

Hello BushcraftGuy, Excellent review… FYI those grooves are Fullers' (blood groove). It's their for aesthetic purposes and possibly to lessen the weight while maintaining blade strength. I would really really like to know what camera you are using to record this review… Please post or let me know.

Thanks again!!

thanks dude! visit my channel again from end of august on, i will be in australia shooting loads of stuff! I was studying for school so i didnt make any vids. apart from lack of money for a good cam 😉

@anibal120 yeah its alot. The Price is subject to the use of expensive steel and Material in sheath and handle material. It is still alot for a fighting knife, but they are able to sell it due to their reputation.

@Outermarker01 I still did not figure out what those inserts are for, my bad…. I have taken it out for a couple of days and i have to say that the serrations bother me quite a bit but that is not because of the knives design. You could put serrations on my fallkniven or Esee Rc-5 and i would not take it out for any serious tasks. The edge has stood up to cutting and batoning so i am impressed. The handle is very comfortable and you have no chance of breaking the knife!!

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