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24-HR Survival Bag/Kit Review

Hey guys today we are taking a look at a small 24-HR kit. You can consider this a GHB or a BOB, or even a car survival bag. Please make sure to like, comment, subscribe, and share. Thanks for watching and enjoy.

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You have plenty in your bag and is ready for the woods. That is a nice EDC bag and leaving me envious of you. I have one also, but mine can't carry that much, but my full size backpack can, but I don't have it full to cut down on the weight. The heaviest items I have with it is the sleeping bag, and the bed liner which is attached outside the bag.

If the tomahawk is for throwing purposes only what is it doing in your truck survival kit? Throwing is a sport and entertainment technique not a survival technique. Swap it out for something suited for chopping or splitting.

tie in you life straw a knife a fire kit with a 5 ft bank line if do drop them the tie in get hand crank light as a back up

I have a similar designed bag, they are Sitka knockoffs. I use mine as a day pack, lots of similar items. I guess you like to throw blades for fun, otherwise they're redundant in that kit, but hey. Mine comes in at about 9lbs and, even with the single strap I've rucked it all day without issue. Nice little kit, basics covered (did I see any TP/equivalent?).

Nice little kit there, but you'll regret the single shoulder strap after hauling it around for several hours, trust me. Okay, at least you have the BG Ultimate Pro and not its baby brother, but I still cringe when I see a bunch of bright orange BG stuff in gear bags. I like the Gerber axe and knife combo, but you already have many other knives. I'd be worried about that hollow handle snapping. Maybe a folding saw instead.  Agree with the comments about it looking tactical, but if it's not an urban kit then that's a non-issue.

Interesting. If I was heading down the street for food or out to work this bag would feel fine. It is exactly In a random catastrophy that this bag would signal 'I have things of interest' I have OD green, molle and extranious items hanging from my pack…which spark attention Son. For what its worth…. civi backpacks are the way to go. Or good qual hiking backpaks low key. Cheap on ebay just choose subdued colours NOT od, camo, etc…aim for what works urban and suburban…dark grey black green dark blue light grey combo colours. Hell if you're a firey or ambo red to stand out can work depends on what is at hand

Your bag looks like you are army…thus have supplies…thus you are creating a target. I thought after all these years this was survival one o one. Grey man….blend in. I guess if you live in the country it might be ok

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