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Zwilling Pro Chef's Knife Review – German Traditional Chef's Knife

Zwilling Pro Chef’s Knife Review – German Knife Review

Is the Zwilling Pro Chef’s knife the ideal all-purpose knife?
That is something you will find out in this video.

You can buy the Zwilling 8 inch Pro Chef’s knife on Amazon:

I have been testing many Chinese and Japanese made knives. After knowing what the other can deliver in terms of quality and price I find that the Zwilling chef’s knife is an overpriced all-purpose knife.

The current recommended price is $150 or 100 euro in Europe.
We can get knives from China with the same durability and better sharpness for a lot less. For around $30 you have something that is comparable with the Zwilling chef’s knife. And that includes shipping and even when they add import taxes you will still be cheaper than the $150 price point of the Zwilling 8 inch Chef’s knife. At this point, I think that the Victorinox Chef’s knife is at the correct price point for around $35 to $40.

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Nice review and I agree with you I wouldn’t get that knife for 160$ that being said it was on sales at 70$ near me so I got it as a solid knife to abuse on hard foods or bones without fear of chipping the tip.

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