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Zero Tolerance 0055 Knife Review. A ZT and GTC (Gus T. Cecchini) Collab Yo.

This review gives you all the deets on the new Zero Tolerance 0055, a collaboration between them and Gus T. Cecchini of GTC Knives. Also it’s a good blade if you like robots. It features an SLT flipper tab, S35vn, and titanium- enough stuff to give even the most hardened knife fan a stiffy.

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If you want to know more about this knife please check out the official website:

Also check out Tovarish Work’s channel:

20 replies on “Zero Tolerance 0055 Knife Review. A ZT and GTC (Gus T. Cecchini) Collab Yo.”

I own the 0055 too and I find mine hard to deploy. Therefore making it my least favorite edc. May sell it or give it away. Thank you for this review!

I'm pretty sure that Gandalf's rod is hairy, like REAL hairy, like a snapping turtle caught in a pile of moss hairy…I may have put too much thought into this…

LMAO! that clip of Tovarish LOL This knife is interesting but i just never got into it.. i appreciate the design a lot though

My lionsteel sr11 just started acting all stiff.. no hard use just flipping and out of nowhere it now takes two hands to flip open.. any clue what could be causing this? Thanks for great videos!

I don't watch them for the knives… I watch them for you . man 😂😂😂 LMAO.

You could review anything and I would watch it…..

Knives campanys know how to stick it up us😳.as long we get a feeL😆.220$ something better.ill pass on this one .thanks.

Just need to say, love what you've done with the channel. Your videos are really second to none these days. The YT knife community is great, but it's mostly REALLY boring. You bring some fresh air into, actually showing the knife in use, not just sitting at a table. Keep up the amazing work. And the bro-ness 😉

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