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Uncle Henry 181UH Bowie Knife Review – Survival Gear

The 181UH Uncle Henry Bowie Knife is a full tang version of one of the most famous knife designs ever. This version from Schrade has a 10″ blade but for such a big knife it is very well balanced 😉

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30 replies on “Uncle Henry 181UH Bowie Knife Review – Survival Gear”

Hey Brain. I like the knife a lot. I don't have any pine trees around here, so can you please send me a piece of fat wood to make a handle for my fire steel 🔥???. Great videos.

So I'm thinking a video on proper balance testing how to skills is in order.
Also a Scout project on leather sheath making would be a good one
Good video . Thanks.

You're right you're not as good as people I've seen making feather sticks guess what you're better than the people I've seen making feather sticks your feather sticks look very nice good job

This knife is a rip off! for the price Schrade was asking for that knife, I was able to buy an Ontario SP-5 Survival Bowie which is light and made out of 1095 and still have money left over. The SP-5 has NO bad reviews anywhere on the web!!!! Sorry but this knife is overpriced and made with an inferior steel. Even the M-Tech Raptor is a far better Bowie and still way cheaper than the uncle 181 henry Bowie.

Why do you not do reviews on Ontario or Kabar?? For the price of some of these brand name cheapies you could get a decent 1095 high carbon knife that will last a lifetime.

Thanks for helping me decide if I want a knife from this company also they do sell one with a leather pouch so cool

This knife came in pretty useful on christmas day for scoring the skin on some duck breasts we had alongside acting as an impromptu billhook cutting up wood. Bought it when I was in West yellowstone on holdiay from the Uk.

What's up buddy I really like your video and my wife thanks you ordered me one of those today supposed to receive it Sunday I have a couple questions for you have you tried to bend the knife and test its residual ality residual bending effect and how strong is the heat treat if you were to hit that on the side of a stump flat sided would it been that blade I'm interested in box me buddy

When you stack firewood with the Bark on then it rots the wood, moisture gets in and the bark stops it leaving and the wood goes punky

Seriously,, for another ten bucks, they could have included a quality leather sheath and had a serious classic knife,,, some idiot in marketing needs to be fired…!
The Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Damascus Bowie Knife fits the bill….

Hi there. I ordered one. I'm seeing a few people on the reviews at Amazon and on Youtube having their blade break from use. I watched you throw this stick it into a big tree. I'm wondering how yours held up over time with use? thanks

I'm a European city girl who will never own a knife this big, haha, but I love hearing you ramble on about these. Especially with that big smile on your face.

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