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The Ganzo F753m1 is their best knife. This review proves it with a G753 comparison.

Ganzo knives are generally heavy, but that’s because you haven’t come across the sub 3 oz Ganzo F753m. It’s Ganzo’s best knife ever. It’s a lightweight and capable drop point knife with G10 scales, 440C stainless steel and has a passing resemblance to the ProTech TR5. In this review I compare the F753m1 to the G753, the Benchmade 940-1, and the Spyderco Delica 4 Wharncliffe. You can buy this knife super duper cheap at GearBest. Making it the best under $15 knife ever made… and surely the best Ganzo knife made to date in 2017.

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27 replies on “The Ganzo F753m1 is their best knife. This review proves it with a G753 comparison.”

I got both of these carbon fiber gray coated G753, and same m1 as in video full size was way better fit/finish, but the m1 is more fun to flip around and disappears in pocket but blade is so off center its diagonal when closed

Dude you are epic making. Seriously straight forward and funny…and you call it like it is with that caustic dry tone in your voice. LOVE THAT! Long live the Queen!…or…whatever.

I like the thiner lighter handles and bigger blades ! It should be very usable with the fine tip !
The springs on my real 940 broke year one ! Ass did the springs on my crooked river large and mini ! The springs on my 940-1 clone haven't ! Replace the crooked rivers with ganzo (G) lock springs ( bought ganzo's I didn,t like for spring and other extra parts) ! None of my ganzo springs have broke and I have tuned most of them as they come with to many pounds on them ( European bull shit laws )

just bought one but I wanted the non carbon fiber model, so I don't know if it helped your channel or not. btw this site is great, lots of deals and cheap shipping.

Bought it. Just came. Probably my favorite Ganzo. Finally a Ganzo I'll EDC (smaller). Haven't bought a Ganzo in about 2 years.
Reminds me of (wait for it) my Skyline, little bit at least. That's a good sign. Probably an Aquarius.

Rolling back on you channel, I watched this and am damn surprised it’s got less than 900 likes. A belated thanks!

I kinda hate that ganzo only makes full size folders. IMO, edc knife should be light and you shouldn't be able to feel it in your pocket. But this one seems to be perfect size ;O

Benchmade Spyderco are my favorites, together have over 120. Lol, I also buy ganzo as they are great for gifts, but this one wil, be in pocket as I carry 2-3 knives edc. One high end and one budget folder, and a fixed. We knife knuts are knuts, Budget knife is to lend out and to cut gnarly stuff, tired of handing a nice BM or Spydie or other to have someone drop it, usually its on concrete or a rock in a field of dirt…go figure. Entertaining vid sir thank you.

I have the F7531 CF and is one of my favorite knives even though I have a lot of expensive knives. But for $12 I'll be adding the F753M. Would make a good traveling knife when going to places that anything over 3 inches is illegal. Great review btw.

Love this knife. Bought it in green and decided I needed an orange knife so I bought it in orange. And then carbon fiber. I have carried the green version enough that the lock has broken in and the blade flicks smoothly. It locks up solid. I don't expect it to fail because I am not going to beat on this little Chinese jewel of a knife with a small log. Actually, I look at videos of people batoning knives and think, "that's what a froe is for." I own a froe and I beat on it with a f-ing froe club and it makes batoning any knife look ridiculous in comparison. So this Ganzo is the perfect EDC knife for me given that I live in a state where carrying a folding knife with over a 3" blade in a pocket is a felony offense.

Love ganzo knives I just bought my first the TANK the ganzo g720 love the damn thing, I personally like heavy folders don't mind wieght at all.You just gained a sub nice video

I was looking at all the ganzo knives trying to find something that would be a good small edc knife and this video helped my wallet misplace $20

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