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Spyderco Tatanka Knife Review

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To me, it looks like an Endura on massive amounts of steroids. At over 5" long, this blade, in my opinion, is not suitable for EDC/Utility in most cases. For heavy duty EDC which requires heavy cutting tasks, like cutting rope on bales of hay on a farm for example, I could see this knife doing well.
Personally, I see this as a collectible knife or as a large tactical folder. The handle is long, and the ergonomics on it should be good with the G-10, but it is a very simple traditional design. Not a lot of choils or pinky ramp to lock your hand in on the knife.
Doesn't look bad, but if I was going the tactical route, my recommendation is the Spyderco Manix 2XL. 3.85" S30V flat ground blade. Deep finger choils, pinky ramp. Lock is not as strong as the Tatanka (Spyderco's ball bearing lock), but it's design is very well suited for tactical in the handle ergonomics.
If the Tatanka had the same handle ergonomics as the Manix 2 XL, I'd definitely pick up one 😉

Always great reviews Bob! Got my first BIG Cold Steel (aluminum Ti-Lite VI) from your review way back. I love big knives, and I love Spyderco (the most). This just isn't doing anything for me right now. I have the Szabo, Vallotton, and ( all black) ManixXL which REEK with style and class. This just seems bloated, no imagination. Maybe it's the price. I'll "let" somebody give it to me for my birthday! The blade style is nice though. Spyderco is a strange company. They could make tons of money with knives (we) all could advise them on, but they don't. Speaking of large knives…Why not a P.M. (edition) 20% larger, bump the jimping up a little, offer 5 colors. They couldn't make them fast enough, be like printing money. But they don't, therein lies the mystery. (to me).

Hey Bob, just wondering… Which watch are you wearing? I keep looking at it and wondering if its the same as mine, is it a certina ds-2 chronograph?

What's with the name? It sounds racist.

Anyone remember the old WWF wrestler Tatanka that was allegedly native American? That was also racist.

nice to see Spyderco getting into Cold Steel territory of larger folders.  Even the lock seems to be more like a complex Tri-ad…just different enough to not violate the patent.

It is really good to see Spyderco putting out some bigger blades.  They do make really good quality knives, but I only own an Ambitious because alot of their blades just don't tickle me.  But this? Oh hell yeah!

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