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Schrade SCHF26 Knife Review: Budget Do Everything Knife?

The SCHF26 has a lot of things going for it in design and price, let us find out if it could be the perfect “do everything” knife when you are on a budget!

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good strong knife paid 50€ for it. only the sheath feels little cheap and theres no retention on it. i have batoned it a lot and the coating is not coming off one bit.

do you still have this knife? how has it held up? is it the same as the schf 10? also i have seen some videos of them breaking tips has this been the case with yours?

Scharade is a underrated knife .I own three and have for a long time.I would love to see a review on the Mtech Extrere Raptor Bowie thinking about pulling trigger but would like your honest opinion before.

I wonder if people in China are as leary of 1095 or S30V steel as Americans are of 8cr13 or 7cr14mov? 8cr13 is .8% carbon so it will hold an edge long enough when heat treated properly. You like Schrade's heat treat and that is good enough for me. You use many knives/steels and know what you are talking about. For $33 you cannot go wrong, though the sheath sucks. This knife is a workhorse. Thank for all the work you do to inform us.

just bought this knife, really want it from long time. it's way heavier than expected and I found the bevel really thick. I have to definetely reprofile it, this way it's almost useless, the angle of the sharpening id too obtuse on mine. Time will tell me if it is a nice blde. yours seem way sharper in your review

Aaron, is the F26 steel better than the F12 (which sucked)? Is it sharper and can hold an edge better?  Also, can you recommend a non budge version close to the F26?  Thanks.

I noticed recently that the SCHF10 is selling for $25 at Knife Center and on Amazon. According to a video on Knife Center's website, the SCHF10 has been discontinued. I'm considering buying an extra one after all the positive comments.

I don't know man I got the same knife and it seems to have a really soft steel I was prossessing some wood it did fine then I noticed that the blade was dented. I did some experiments by that I mean from a steel ruler on the cutting edge about an inch from it it still dented not sure if manufacturing problem or I'm just an idiot

I think Schrade should have added this knife to their upgraded line the 51&52 which have way better handles now. If I were to get this blade I definitely would get the schf10 instead because the micarta scales cover that jimping up and give you a thicker grip.
Schrade has some gems out there that have been overlooked with all the new stuff they have released some of the old blades end up forgotten. What really impressed me about that knife is the batoning, it really kicks butt imho and the coating is awesome.

First-rate review video regarding the Schrade SHF 26.  Here at Alaska Raft Connection – Alaska-BushRafter, I assess lots of outdoor gear pertaining to boating Alaska’s remote waters (mild to wild).  Boating-wise… I evaluate rafts, catarafts, kayaks, canoes, sportboats, and hybrid inflatables and things like solid frameworks and essential on-water accessories.  Concerning camp gear… I consider items significant to the accomplishment of a float plan, and what kit is dependable vs. failure in a true wilderness self-reliance trip — whether it be experts or novices.  I categorically like your examination and demonstration as well as agree on personal thoughts for the Schrade SHF 26.  I have put the Schrade SHF 10 (in essence equivalent steel blade composition and geometry features with Micarta laminate handle) through rugged practical-side of field task, and am remarkably pleased with the overall capabilities and qualities of the knife.  It is a complete package for its multi-role utility bush blade.  The price is undeniably unbelievable for what this knife exemplifies.  I’d relate that at 3x the price I’d still own this utility ‘camp-warrior’ blade. — Thanks for your time – Brian

I'm trying to decide between the SCHF26, the SCHF10 and the SCHF36M. Which do you prefer and are the SCHF26 and the SCHF10 basically the same knife, with different handles?

Btw, I've been watching your channel for about 6 months now and you do very honest and unbiased gear reviews. Nice job!

Hey Gideon,
Great review. I have had my F26 for a few months now and absolutely love it! The hollow grind bites into wood amazingly well for chopping, and it can feather stick all day long. I ground down the gimping on the bottom of the handle (the only design flaw I've seen on this knife) and now the handle is extremely comfortable and grippy. I love the TPE material because the more I use my knife the more comfortable it gets. Also the gimping on the spine past the handle works great to throw sparks with a ferro rod. I did buy a Spec-Ops combat master sheath for the F26, and it sits on my self with my F9 ready to go into the woods. The F26 is ideal in my opinion for a camping knife, it has all the capabilities of a larger knife without the added weight.

Over hear in Australia everythings so expensive! I got the schf 10 version (only difference is the micarta handle) cost me $80 but in my opinion it was definitely worth it. One of the best knives I have ever owned.

Great Review
I have both the SCHF9 and the BK2 and am ordering the SCHF26, honestly of the F9 and BK2 I prefer the F9 as surprising as that may seem. The handle of the BK2 has NO grip or traction what so ever, its just hard plastic with no textural details to securely stay in my hand. I really love the rubberized handle on the F9, yes it's a fat handle, but I have large hands so it works fine. Also I find the balance of the BK2 to be heavy in the handle and very awkward to chop with. I can't wait to get my hands on the F26 and see how it stacks against my F9. This coming from a guy who used to hate Schrade knifes.

Hi Aaron, I see we survivalist/bushcrafter's are going into longer blade lenght knives, and 5"-6" seem to be very popular, although my favorite blade lenght on my survival knife is 7" but I also like a choil on the blade on my knives, and ofcorce a Saber Vex Grind, I alway's liked the Seahorse Style Handle like that Schrade, but I just got my Rodent 4 just a few hour's ago, and it has the Lightning Bolt Style Handle, it's one of the most comfortable handle I ever held, the other knife I ordered is the Rodent 6 but I had the top guard taken off, and thinned down because it was around .260 thick a very robust knife before you do anything to it it's built like a tank, but that's what I had done to mine, I have a nice selection of 6" blades, but the Rodent 6 is one of my best, but it's also pricy, I like what your doing with your video's it's very important work to be able to get people get out and experience the out of door's, the knife your showing seem's to be a good knife for that, keep up the great work, good job.

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