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Knife Review : Ganzo G729 (Axis Lock Paramilitary Clone) (Great Knife For Pedestrianism)

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Benchmade's Axis Lock patent expired.
"Hole in a blade" non-patentable as Spyderco found out when they tried to enforce a suit against Benchmade years ago.
Meanwhile, "order placed"… ~ : )

I'm against American companies taking advantage of our patriotism in order to charge us, sometimes ten times the amount. If China can make good quality at fair prices, why can't our own companies? I'd call it greed.

Just my opinion, buy a Byrd or cheaper legit knife. Supporting garbage "copies" or worse full blown counterfeits just encourages and rewards shady behavior. If they can produce a decent knife at a low price, that's great. They should come up with an original design and pay to market it. The reality is no one would buy this if it didn't look like a Para3 with an Axis lock. So beyond the design and r&d, if you feel that's been paid for by now, Ganzo is also benefitting from all the marketing and branding Spyderco and Benchmade have done. I'm all for competition and value, but this isn't competing, it's cheating. Again, just my opinion.

Waiting for one of these from Gearbest just mostly out of morbid curiosity. Looking forward to comparing. I find it interesting that they also “copy” the Rat 2 (with an added axis-style lock) which is already a dirt cheap knife by American standards.

if ganzo can bring the same quality of a benchmade or spyderco (and make the design better in my opinion) for a low price its benchmade and spyderco that are being shady not ganzo.

I just like my knives like I like my women – made in the USA. Sure, the Asian ones might tempt me with "me love you long time", but it usually ends with an unenthusiastic performance and feigned pleasure. YMMV.

I want to patent titanium anodized .5 micron polished pivot washers ! forever ! and zert lube holes for folding knife pivots! forever ! no I want to patent all holes not just the ones in blades !forever !
patents are for 20yrs not forever ! which is the only real reason for a stupid high priced knife! besides the point that almost everything patented in the knife world is a modification of some one elses idea !
the sabenza has a modified liner lock, a modified trapper blade , a modified coffin handle ! and no matter the steel it only raises the price per unit a few dollars not hundreds of dollars! and ass far ass these companies being American an American wouldn't rip off another American by lying ( hype ) to them ! a loyal American knife company would sell a quality product for a fair price ( a % over cnc clone production cost ) ! Now when if ever I see any loyalty from an American knife company well that'll be the day !

There are no patents on the things that you mentioned !! It is just Ganzo that is better then Spyderco and Benchmade, quality per dollar spend!

I have a strong suspicion that Ganzo knives hurt the knife industry in the same way that VHS hurt the film industry, with the exception that Ganzo is part of the knife industry. It's not obvious how buying knives hurts the knife industry.
The thing is, there is essentially zero chance of me buying a Spyderco. It's just not worth it to me, and that's saying a lot, because they sell a left-handed compression lock knife — if it was a flipper, I might pony up, though probably not. But I might buy a Ganzo. Maybe the Ganzo will make me want to upgrade in the future; maybe not. Either way, Spyderco isn't losing revenue. There's an order of magnitude in the price difference between these knives; one suspects that they are non-competitors in completely different markets. And Spyderco gets a little free advertising.
I think that the only people getting hurt by this are Spyderco snobs who can't bear the thought of losing their exclusivity. I am not bothered by that. If Ganzo and Spyderco were actual competitors, then I'd agree buying Ganzo isn't okay.
Also, great review! Thanks! I'm giving a thumbs-up, for what that's worth.

LOL you are ashamed of not being ripped off by buying this knife – you are being brain washed – just keep supporting your local capitalist – good booooy!!!

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