Knife Review : CRKT Nirk/Tighe Folder (5250)

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Ralph Vaccaro says:

Sweet looking knife 👍😃

9mm_ Toter says:

" Rise some eyebrows " 😂😂😄😳💪

Mike Drouillard says:

link please

Driver #ffgRpM_#FF0000Ⓝⓖⓤⓨⓔⓝ #00FF00ⓋietⓃam says:

beautiful but weak knife

Death Bats says:

Damn i want this now!

DOPEVX says:

Time to start saving I guess. That knife is a piece of art

DOPEVX says:

I need this in my life

Captain Sunday says:

The lighting is kinda dull.  I'd have taken it outside in the sun for a second, for the viewer.  Great video though.

Captain Sunday says:

What's the correct spelling for "mivit"?  Mivette?  Myvet?  I like it.  When I don't know the correct term for something I'm just going to call it a mivet.  Everyone will nod and assume I'm more knowledgeable than they are.  Win win. Thanks bro.

Captain Sunday says:

Good demonstration of why grip force in a tactical situation won't release the blade onto your fingers.

Jaysann22 says:

I somewhat disagree. $70-100 for a small folder knife. However I did pick this one up at a local Cabelas because after I asked the clerk to negotiate prices, he checked for any sales deals, in which he said it was indeed on sale and i walked away with this beauty for $38. 😀

Edward Micoo says:

Well I don't deal with U.S. currency as u maybe know by now but I really do want a benchmade balisong realllllllllly bad. If u can assist me by chance I would take ur help so just let me know G

beauxtx1959 says:

Just bought this and am excited about it getting here!

ericsp0f says:

ok so i think im going to get this knife but i work at a saw mill so i hate haveing folders as my edc but im in love and i wont to use it if i buy it how will do you think it can hold up to all the dust and gunk it will get jest being on me thanks and have a nice day

TheFahQue says:

I think he just coined a new term

Dom says:


Darth Scissorhands says:

Knife sucked for me personally, sold it. No comfort, clunky and annoying to close, blade steel wasn't up to par for the price, carries heavy in the pocket (5.1oz, felt like 12) and wasn't really ever worth using over any other knife I own. Beautiful design but it's just a pretty face with no soul. YMMV of course.

Mr.Sohvad says:

I think you can order it from

MrK296 says:

Hi. Im from sweden and wonder where can I buy/order this knife?

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

The men who designed this knife really earn their dogs.

Darth Scissorhands says:

Yeah I got that same feeling. Just ordered it.

Kyle Bowes says:

I love this knife and for $130 you cant go wrong

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