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White River Knives Caper Knife Review

Blade Length: 3 inches
Steel: CPM S30V (58-60 HRC)
Handle Scales: G10
Weight: 3 ounces
Sheath: Kydex
Made In: USA
Price: $170 (But they have a $90 model without scales)

This is a very interesting design, the weight and length allow it to be carried in place of a folding knife. A small knife is always useful whether in the wilderness, on the job, around town, or around the home. I have found most small knife tasks come down to slicing, this knife is a very highly quality slicing knife with a precise tip. The steel, ergos, sheath, and fit and finish are all first rate. They have a less expensive model for $90 called the Backpacker.

These knives are sold at and

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Beautiful knife in its own right. Was looking for a small fixed blade EDC that didn't scream murder weapon, one whose handle design locked in the hand while leaving plenty of the handle itself exposed when sheathed to facilitate quick draw. A knife which, hopefully, you could argue innocuous carry if in a situation with law enforcement and so not be charged with 'intent', which even if you are wholly the 'good guy' is a situation you could still face. This knife, and the Izula SS are my top considerations at the moment.

id like to see a small fixed blade that carries in your pocket like a folder like a sheath with a pocket clip or somthing

, , , but my Browning Independence is prolly I'm that class, well more like size, I love full handles small blades, Yeah, it's C M 154 with the Vic Orange G-10, Purdy nice, , ,

Say Hrag, Yrah, I actually have a knife that's a Caper, it's my Gerber Freeman, I paired it off with the Hunter similar to the Stats on yours Hunter, , ,

how many _____ river knife companies are there? they cant be original with the name, at least try to be original with the design

I finally got a 3" knife that's Simply TiT's Israel, it's not the greatest looker, but as a preformer it's sick, it's my new Rodent 3 it came with my Rodent 5 and the Rodent 5 was no longer available, how lucky Eah ? and now I have all the newer Rodent Series from Rodent 3" to Rodent 9 plus the Rodent Rucki, anyhow at first it didn't look as it would fit my hand, I wear a large glove but it fits like a glove and as far as slicer/carver it's being used to finish my Pancake Lattle I started last weekend, Oh by the way I put two and two together and I feel like I invented a tool, Virtovice showed one of his Japanese Hatchet's it looked like a Coping Blade the front was flat anyhow also a Carpenters Hatchet has a flat straight edge, anyhow my Zomstro really resembles a Japanese Hatchet and it was great to form my Pancake Lattle, I also found out I don't have to use alot of force with the Zomstro or it will bite deep, and also I have a couple of Al-Mars, the Eagle and the Falcon the next smaller size ? both on mine have a false edge and are beautifully made, Yeah I enjoy these type of video's because I like knives so please keep me informed because I trust your taste, Yeah I like the S30V and one of my Fav's beside my stag Gerber Freeman Hunter set is in S30V but my Benchmade Bushcrafter #162 which is a 1st Production Run is great, at first the handle feels different. But what I do is give my knives a honest try so I take it out by itself and I work with it and before I knew it I had no hot spots and it performed to where I really started to really like it, now it's one of my Fav's only my Busse Son of Badger I like better, Well I also have a Bushcraft Knife made by a friend that passed away, anyhow he made it out if a saw blade, its a 1/4" thick with a Zero Edge scary sgarp and a choil on a 4" blade thats my all time Fav's, his logo was G.E.K. in a sort of diamond, anyhow I will check this knife out, Oh, next time get a more Orange handle heh heh heh, I bet what your favorite handle color is, Orange huh ?

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