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ITS Mini Survival Kit Lineup

Join us as Bryan walks through our new ITS Mini Survival Kit (MSK) and ITS Multi-Purpose Container (MPC). He highlights their usage and our thought process behind the design of these products.

For more details and to purchase these products, please visit the ITS Store here:

16 replies on “ITS Mini Survival Kit Lineup”

Jesus 60 bucks for a small kit, spend 50 at any dollar store type place and come out with a backpack full for a survival kit. Only a newbie would spend 60 on a altoid sized kit you can make for 3 bucks.

You can't go wrong basing stuff on John McCann's works! I don't put much faith in very small kits but yours seems about as good as you can get in tiny tin.

its a good kit except for the blade…get a real mini knife for your kit i think CRKT has one its got like a 1.5 inch blade and totally legal everywhere also a couple bullion cubes would be helpful….i'd buy your kit then…

I would like to see you do an overnight with that kit… In the rain, during early spring or late fall… If you can do that, i wil buy one…

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That is an awesome kit. I am going to check out your site to see how they are priced. Most mini-survival kits don't seem that well balanced. It's like after you check out what other manufacturers were putting out you took those deficiencies and then made a much better kit.

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