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UST Survival Kit 3 0

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UST’s FeatherLite™ Survival Kit contains an assortment of essential supplies you may need in an emergency. Keep this kit at home, in your car, on your boat, or in your pack so you are always prepared. The contents are stored inside a lightweight, compact orange pouch for convenient storage.

FeatherLite™ Survival Kit 3.0 Contents
Button Compass 1
Emergency Blanket 2
Emergency Poncho 2
JetScream™ Micro Whistle 1
Klipp™ Biner Knife 1
6″ See-Me™ Light Stick 2
MoonForce™ LR41 1
Micro SparkWheel™ 1
StarFlash® Micro Mirror 1
Survival Towel 2
WetFire™ Cube 2
Total Pieces 16

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I like this kit, it hits the basics that you need to survive till rescue. I think to many people put way to much stuff in there survival kit. Thinking that they will have nothing with them but there kit if they get lost, and that there needs to be enough stuff in it to live out there for a month and self rescue. Truth is, usually within 72 hrs. you get found. Stay put, Don’t die from the elements, stay hydrated, signal for help. This kit can do that.
…maybe add a Aquamira Frontier Water Straw.

Growing trend to have such kits that do just about nothing for the user in a real situation of crisis. I appreciate the video though because it actually highlights the crap that maybe useful if a power outage occurs in a cold climate region…but thats about it.

Funny thing is, the cost and the size of these items. You can buy what you need in a 1/4 the size on the larger items and at flea markets for like $0.50-1.00. Heck you can have better items for around $10 and I fit a suture kit into an altoids tin for less than $6 lol

Make it yourself with off the shelf items you research and sterilize everything while wearing sterile gloves.

not a horrible kit….but obviously not a great one, either. obviously this company knows that this kit won't keep you alive very long in a survival situation with no other supplies. BUT….it's actually not a bad starting point. a kit like this might be something i'd keep in a small bag or in the glove box or console of a vehicle. some of the items would definitely come in handy in an emergency situation. i actually own several ust items (glow sticks, matches in waterproof container, signal mirror, space blankets), and they all seem to be pretty good.

so while this is obviously not a full-on survival kit, having it would be much better than not having anything at all. plus, pairing it with a good med kit, water purification, and a decent edc and you'd have a decent kit.

good video…neat, concise, to the point.

I feel much better about my kits now that I've seen this one. Don't get me wrong, great video. I just think that kit is lacking some major things. Be safe bud.

I like everything about the kit except that it doesn't have a fishing kit and no first aid kit but other than that it's ok oh and great video as well

Towels can be used to collect dew as a water source.
Most glaring ommission's in that kit are the lack of cordage or anything to carry water or pasteurize it.

Awesome I love how you didn't waste my time with a 10 minute rant before you did the review. Thanks for the review

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