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Yarenh – Xinzuo Chef's Knife Review – 1 Month

Xinzuo – Yarenh Japanese VG10 Knives From China Review.

Official Xinzuo Amazon Store so not a reseller with a better handle from Xinzuo can be bought here (Slightly more expensive than buying from AliExpress but it will be shipped by Amazon):

You can buy the knife here: You can buy the knife here on AliExpress:

Beware of scams and fake advertisement while searching for a Chinese knife.

Most advertisers advertise with ”Japanese hammered Damascus VG10 steel”

But after reading further they all state the knife core with 10Cr15CoMov or a different type of core steel which they call the Chinese steel that is comparable with a Japanese VG10 that manufacturers like shun uses.

Want to know more about Chinese manufacturers and steel types?

Click on the link below:

Choosing your knife

My final verdict and the price range is $35 to $40 for a Chinese 10Cr15CoMov. For the hammered Damascus look alone it is worth the price but the 10Cr15CoMov is definitely not the same as a VG10 from Japan. However, even if the knives can’t maintain their sharpness just as the VG10 they are still very good for the price and easy to sharpen with a whetstone.

Yarenh is the knife that I have used but the manufacturer is Xinzuo. If you want to buy it I can recommend that you buy it from the cheapest reseller even if the name is different. If they state that they are using 10Cr15CoMov somewhere in the description then you know that they are not lying about their core steel type being VG10.

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5 replies on “Yarenh – Xinzuo Chef's Knife Review – 1 Month”

Sir, how is the build quality on the knife compared to shuns and miyabi? Is it similar? For example the handle and attention to detail. Thanks a lot!

Quick Update: I have been using the Yarenh Knife which is made by Xinzuo for more than 2 months in a Professional kitchen. I discovered that these knives are good for domestic use. So if you are going to use it at your own kitchen at home and treat them well by not throwing it in the dishwasher then these knives from AliExpress with the 10Cr15CoMoV steel are good. (which pretty much all sellers there advertise with VG10)

Warning: This will probably be unnoticed if used at home but, in a professional kitchen we use these knives day in and day out for hours. This is what I discovered with Chinese 10Cr15CoMoV steel. They do rust which never happened with my Yanagiba shun classic series that I have been using for more than 3 years in a professional kitchen which is actually made from the real VG10/VG-Max steel from Japan.

Therefore I'm adjusting the price rating to a max of $40, I would not buy any 8-inch Chef's, 7-inch Nakiri, 7inch Santoku for over $40 if they use a 10Cr15CoMoV steel.
Do I still recommend them? If used at home then they are good for the $30 to $40 price mark.
If used in a Professional kitchen don't even bother with it!

I will also retest all the knives that I have from AliExpress, China which include imported German steel, Imported VG10 steel and imported AUS-10 steel with some other Chinese steel types like 4Cr13, 4Cr14MoV, 7Cr17MoV, 9Cr18MoV. I will retest them for a longer period of time now (2+months) in a professional kitchen before posting a review about them. I already have some of the knives for 6 weeks now so you won't have to wait long.

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