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Walmart | Hurricane Dorian Survival Kit for Families

Category 4 Hurricane Dorian is about to hit the East Coast. We build our Hurricane Survival Kit for a Family of 4.

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23 replies on “Walmart | Hurricane Dorian Survival Kit for Families”

One of the scariest things to hear. “We’re with the government and we are here to help/save you!” Especially if they are smiling when they say it! LoL

Great video Chris….always helping others think ahead. It was such great timing that you were making that video when that Walmart announcement came over the speakers. Are you sure you didn’t ask them to do that?….😂😂

This just goes to show why prepping year long is such a good idea. You never know when a disaster will happen. Hurricanes are the rare disaster that you have a warning it’s coming.

You and the family are always so awesome and trying to help out your fans. I really think that is awesome. Thank you for being amazing human beings

Of course Walmart would be urging people to buy all this stuff in advance. They’re a billion dollar industry and a storm isn’t going to stop them from making bank. They even told their associates if they call in on the time it hits, they automatically get terminated.

The 88 cent gallons of water seem to be consistently overlooked. The empty jugs can be saved and reused. Food grade 5 gallon buckets are 3-5 dollars. It's mind boggling that there are shortages of water every single time a hurricane comes around. Tap water is virtually free. There is an overabundance of free plastic containers everywhere. Good video.

Buy a box of gallon size zip top bags, fill them in the bathtub and store them in the tub when full. Also put them in the freezer and fridge, they will hold the cold in longer (has mass) when the power go's out.

We are always prepped and we are ready for Dorian. We live in central eastern Florida right where Dorian hopefully skims by. I’d like to thank you Chris personally! Ever since I found your channel about 3 or years ago you have really helped me step up my prepping game for my entire family. All the great reviews you’ve done on many products are all stashed away throughout the house. We are prepared ! No need for shopping for last minute items when you are a true prepper. Only needed newer gas for the generator just in case. Thanks again for such an awesome and informative channel!

From what I've read this morning. Dorian has strengthened to CAT 5. However, Florida is out of the target path. It looks like the Carolinas will get the outer bands.

Chris, at 5:30 on the video behind you are those big orange containers with a Spigot for water used at soccer games and other sporting events. Instead of people buying small water bottles, I think money is better spent buying those and filling them with tap water beforehand. After the season, it can be dumped in the garden. Refilling them from home before hurricanes makes better long term sense and won't run out as quickly as individual bottles. They are also something that can be thrown in a car if evacuation is needed

Dude, I appreciate your videos so much! You give real life, practical ideas. Other youtubers would tell you to buy a $150 titanium water bottle and BS like that.

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