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Unboxing an Earthquake & Disaster Survival Kit

….we’d fare well in an emergency, don’t you think…?
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In today’s video, Lily & Joslyn test out a bunch of earthquake survival kit tools …. from actually trying the Life Straw to trying to start a fire and cook dinner to a bunch of other random stuff that they probably didn’t use correctly…

PLEASE NOTE: this is for entertainment purposes and we are not trying to make light of any actual disaster that might require this type of survival equipment.

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10 replies on “Unboxing an Earthquake & Disaster Survival Kit”

I haven't watched the video, but in light of the HUGE hurricane coming our way, this may not be the best time to be posting this material

What a great video I think Joslyn and Lily look like Billy and Ben the flower pot men when there had the food bowls on there heads

To start the fire you have to put the metal part (that looks like a stick) on the ground on top of a dead/dry stick or a piece of cutton for example. You than have to move the other metal part (sorry I forgot the name) in an angle down to the ground.

Water doesn't go 'bad' it wont kill you if it does but the shelf life is more for the container as they will begin to degrade after a time and release chemicals into the water

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