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Survival Kit Review: Part 1 Container (Wilderness Survival skills)

When choosing a container for your survival kit consider the following: is it waterproof, of the contents like tinder need to stay dry, can I use the container for something else, Like a waterproof bag can be used to carry water, but a tin can be used to boile water and melt snow?

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Contd….when I feel like takin a break from all great sensible edc videos, and thats not all…with your mindless blabber for 1:34 minutes for example in this video, one tends to forget everything for a moment…great keep it up!

@peaksurvival Thanks for your interesting and informative videos. I've become a big fan of Selica. I've just looked up Vermont on Google Images (I live in the UK). What a beautiful landscape. Please keep the tips and reviews coming.

Decent video, but I could have used more information on that GearPod. That thing looked cool! I'll Google it, but try not to tease us with cool gear and no explanation in the future.

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