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Schrade Leroy Bowie knife review

Chopping away with the big SCHF45

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I have one too , haven't used it much , It's 8 cr13mov steel . It makes you wonder what the designer was thinking, a large, heavy , chopper style knife with a very thin edge . Good knife but a flat grind or Saber grind would've been nice on this blade.

Many of my fellow knife buddies say how Schrade makes cheap low quality knives but from what I learned they're great startoff knives for most people who don't want to cut A Goddamn tree down with it it will last

In fact Donnie , Leroy is a French name from Normandie and which mean " the king " just for saying , good video though..

People also complain that the buck 119 has a weak tip after stabbing a log and prying on it. It's not for that like you said. Also. You can educate ignorance but sadly you can't do anything about stupid

You beat me to it !!!
As you said time and time again “ 2 Great Minds “!!!
Really freaks me OUT !!
So Good !!
Such an awesome Guy ! Awesome Knife ! Awesome Video !
( thank you for the Hollow Grind info cause I’m still trying to figure the grinds out ).
Just Bad Ass !!❤️🤠🔪🦈🇺🇸😎

Dude that knife 🔪 is a beast. I chopped 4 inch trees 🌳 down in Kansas last year and as heavy as it is it wore my ass out swinging it!

Glad you like it. You can have mine if you want it. I love a good hollow grind, and never had a problem with one, until I got the Leroy. Delimbing a red oak branch with maybe a 1/2" thick branch at most, using snap cuts like I normally do while delimbing, I got 2 major chips in the blade. Deep ones, about half way into the edge bevel. I know red oak is some hard ass wood, but never had a problem like that before, with any other hollow grind blade, such as my Condor. The woods I frequent are full of red oaks, walnut trees, and beech trees, so hard to avoid. It's a shame, because I love the design..the TPE handles are fantastic, but 8cr13 is a poor choice for a heavy chopper. I don't even like it in a folder, so I should have known better…I blame myself for that reason. If your area is mostly pines and other soft woods, it's probably fine. Who knows..maybe I just got a lemon with a poor heat treat or something. It's not unheard of.

When I first handled mine I knew I couldn't find a better Bowie for under $100. This Bowie is amazing ! Coma here Leeeeroy you done found a home you MF !!

Wait . . . you mean dumb people blame their tools?! I paid $50 for it, so must be better than an over 1/4" CPM 3V blade with a convex grind at chopping concrete blocks.

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