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Mora Garberg Full Tang Knife Full Review : Wins and Fails

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Sorry if something I spoke about was lost – I did a mass edit of my descriptions.

25 replies on “Mora Garberg Full Tang Knife Full Review : Wins and Fails”

You might be best advised to ignore all statements about price. The price has fallen a lot in the US of A. and may have elsewhere.

I love my carbon garberg wouldn’t trade it for any of my survival knives I own and I own a lot from cheap to very expensive bushcraft knives I’ve done everything you can do to it and it stands up to everything I thrown at it and I really abuse and test a knife to its ability and beyond there abilities it was $84 dollars at a knife shop with the multi mount sheath

My Bushcraft Black was US $30.35 about a week ago. My trusty Companion was $13.95. No Garberg for me. Glad you didn't buy into the hype. Jakkaari Pukko is the Garberg killer. If only they could get good US distribution!

Just a tip they keep their knives under 5-inches because they make them in traditional puukko fashion which is a hand width size blade generally under 5 in. And that micro bevel can be removed in minutes with a proper Stone.

And the strong arm is made out of 420hc which is a semi stainless steel known for being tough but has absolute crap edge retention, I have one.

My friend, considering you got and used it for bushcraft, unless you took it off, surprised to see the lack of a lanyard. Really enjoyed your video though man… good talks, good clips of use to prove points, and a damn neat looking blade I'm happy that I already have in the mail on its way to me!

That's what I was wondering… how bout a bit of an index finger guard, finger ring or choil so you don't slip up onto the blade during cold or wet use and cut into your dominant hand and fingers, possibly slicing tendons and such. That would be devastating during camping or worse, a survival situation.

The reason for the price to be high is the greedy importer, at least for Victoria, be assured that this is a inside information. So it is not Moras fault. The handle is fine i never had issues with wet hands while beach fishing with slippage or anything.

I got this, & the kansbol same day. Even though the handles are the same, either because the black color die, or because the full tang, the Garberg felt slightly more slick to me. I just hit with a couple grits o' sandpaper and now its like felt, or leather feeling. Looks slightly shitty though, which I knew going in, so, beware. 200, then 800 or 1200.
Anyone know what'll happen if I hit the handle with a light layer of beeswax, besides getting that deep black back?
Anyway, best knife I've ever owned, but I've only owned like 8 or 10, half of which are moras. 😀

I agree on most of said in the review. It's a little bit too short for an outdoor survival knife (seems to me more like an utility/kitchen knife), the handle is crap and the knife way to expensive. I rather bought myself the CS SRK

Hey Pete . can you make cutting test for this knife ? it would be very interesting to see how this 14c28 by Morakniv performs .

I bought one on Amazon on sale for 70US (they sell for less now) on a whim and beat the hell out of it over the last year. It's easily my top 3 favorites now because even after all i've put it through it looks a good as the day i bough it. I bought the multi-mount sheath and my only complaints about it is that after you use it long enough it will eventually loosen up and the blade can/will fall out. I fixed it by using the snap loop on the sheath then slipping the belt loop under that and sewing the two closest parts of the straps together to make it belt loop carry with the snap loop retention.

To all the people who complain about the price…..Build a bridge and get over it. What were you expecting? Luke Skywalkers' light sabre?

I wish it was 1cm longer (but still under / max 12) and had a handle a bit more similar to the bushcraft black.
For its blade length I think the full tang and blade thickness aren't too useful.
The stainless steel is okay I think, makes it universally a bit more sturdy / resilient which pairs well with the full tang idea I guess.

But I still think at that size the bushcraft black is most likely the better deal though.

I think the price issue is more or less an Australian problem and not a "Mora" problem. I bought the Garberg with the leather sheath here in the States and paid $69.00 for it. Not too bad of a deal.

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